Before you look at hero talents blizz rework DK

I’m not saying I have the answers but seeing as blizzard isn’t even asking the questions I thought I’d throw some ideas out there, maybe they’re crazy I don’t know lol

Honestly I think the main issue with all of frost DK is our reliance on cooldowns, my obliterates in pillar hit like 200k but outside of it they hit 20k? That’s ridiculous.

My main issues with frost are:

  • married to pillar, outside of it you’re useless, I would prefer more reliable less explosive burst
  • killing machine being based on crit chance when it’s entire mechanic negates crit chance
  • The talent trees offer 0 customisation

I also have some crazy ideas about a frost rework, but I think a great starting place is changing killing machine:

Instead of killing machine making your next obliterate a critical hit just make it deal 200% damage and as “froststrike” (half frost half physical the way rets have holystrike). Then buff the sh*t out of obliterate damage, this way it still feels like killing machine smacks but it also means you’re not hitting people with a pool noodle normally. That slow obliterate animation for 20k damage makes me want to scream.

From that point I would instead attach obliteration to remorseless winter (as it won’t be so strong, plus without pillar it’s much weaker)
And give rime, frost strike, glacial advance a high chance to proc it.

And reduce the cooldown on D&D for frost and UH, there’s no reason you shouldn’t just have it up for every pack.

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Frost needs to be straight up decoupled from D&D period. They need to buff Remorseless Winter and Howling Blast’s splash damage, and finally make Frostscythe a viable choice for continuous cleaving.

But all the rest is as you say, frost needs to be a lot stronger outside of cool downs and rely less on bursts… UH already does the whole less than tank damage without CD, why give the same damage profile to 2 specs on the same class?


i would also like to see Glacial Advance and Cold Hearth baked in together so when you get 20 stacks you can fire off a powerfull Glacial Advance that deals massive amount of frontal cleaving damage and also stacks 5 stacks of Razorice debuff on the enemy struck by it.


I like the cold heart glacial advance idea but I think glacial advance should just be baked into frost strike, you deal frost strike damage and then cast glacial advance forwards just tweak numbers accordingly

I wonder if the DK specs especially frost needs to be completely rethought


yeah frost strike cleaving should be a thing this i agree whit, that’s also why baking glacial advance in to cold hearth and then turning glacial advance in to a frontal skill shot nuke whit RP cost that proc KM and applies 5 stacks of razorice would be one hell of a quality of life improvement for the opening burst for frost dk and aswell giving blizz a reason to update glacial advance visual animation so it looks amazing when pressed.

For me, I play multiple classes and the way DK does damage is so weird and clunky by comparison. Even just talking about rotational abilities

Ret is sooth as butter now it’s beautiful but EVERYTHING is aoe, judgement, blade of justice, even crusader strike.

Fury has perma cleave with whirlwind giving stacks of cleave damage on your single target hits

Arms has sweeping strikes, thunderclap and overpower all aoe + whirlwind every 10 sec to deal decent damage

These are the most comparable specs to frost DK imo and they feel so much better made in comparison


you should watch your words when praising the paladin gameplay, or you will get a snide passive aggressive remark from a few bozos that dont even play DK on this forum telling you that paladinis currently WORSE than Dk in all ways.

One does not simply wonder if DK specs need to be completely rethought… They continuously lament into the dark void of nothingness that is the official DK forum… Slowly drinking themselves into their inevitable second death, via the means of potent depressos…

But yeah, joking aside, your observation is astute…

Like yourself been playing other classes in the end of this season, and will likely main something else for the final one, since nothing really new will come out.

On Paladin now… Oh my god does it play smoothly… All the abilities feed into each other, there’s rarely if ever any downtime even with low stats, talents are flexible and allow for distinct play styles… It’s like I don’t know… They… I dare say… Play that class? Feels like it’s been made for a contemporary game… It’s odd isn’t it?

Enhancement Shaman is loads of fun too. Warrior is satisfying, simple but robust… Rogue and DH are both so fast and flexible


Razorice should just be a passive on frosts abilities and auto attacks, without the need to runeforge into it, there’s interesting runes to pick but everyone sits with razorice and falling crusader (I think it’s called, it’s been 16 years)

to that i say why not just both, make it so our melee swings apply razorice and glacial advance now baked in together whit cold hearth blast the enemy for big amount of damage applying 5 stacks of razorice that alone would most likely make shattering blade decent or maybe now a good talent for frost strike.

I want frost strike to always cleave, remove death and decay or change it to an aura like combat rogue, its annoying to have to rely upon it for AOE and also you have to time it with your other buffs which in return makes AOE right now feel wonky and unfun specially in mythics if you have a tank that constantly pulls the mobs out of the circle.

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