Beginner friendly healing classes

Hello, I am a new player and I’m a bit confused on where to post my question so hopefully it won’t be a problem. My question is what are beginner friendly healing classes for learning to be a healer or even “more” fun healing classes. I’d like to hear opinions.

Hello @Thaicurry,

Welcome to Azeroth!
For as a “newcomer-friendly” healer, I recommend you the Paladin with the Holy specialization of it.
You can easily manage the healing on dungeons for example and you can learn it really fast.
There’s two spells, which helps you to manage a multi-target healing, but its a bit early to talk about.

For the answer in my opinion the ebst healer for start learn the healer aspect of the game is as I said above: Paladin.

Plate character, with high mobility, quick cooldowns and good in heal, however you need to manage your mana and don’t overheal your targets.

I recommend it for you to take a look, and try it out.

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