Behsten <Experience Eliminator> is missing

-and yes, I should probably write a ticket, which is exactly what I have been wiggling my way through the system to try and do for the past hour, but with no success. No matter what I do, I can’t get to actually write a ticket - except once, and then the “Submit”-button just stayed greyed out, though I filled out all fields and triple-checked them - thrice.
There is NO option for “missing NPC” or anything that even remotely resembles that option in the ticket system.

So, to the forums…

Behsten is missing for one of my characters, and after checking WoWhead and trying all the suggestions there, he is still missing.

I guess he went missing because I had accepted the introduction quest to BFA, which is apparently a known issue.
I then abandoned that, changed zone, relogged, went into an instance, logged to another char and back, and left Stormwind Keep (and went back - on foot) in between trying all that.

I have no quests left that can in any way interfere with Behsten or Stormwind as a whole, and I am at my wit’s end. How do I turn off experience for that character?

(P.S. There are NO NPCs at all in the Throne room or the adjecent room where Behsten normally is, except two guards near the exit to the garden. So it’s not just Behsten, actually… he’s just the one I actually need.)

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This is the key part right here.

There is a BfA quest that phases those NPC’s out… it was a long time ago now so I cant remember which it was but it was to do with the intro quests. Are you able to pick that back up and just complete that one quest?

You could also see if switching Chromie Time to another time and back again resets it?

Yes, as I wrote, I know it was the intro quest to BFA that did it - and I had the issue on another character, which then showed me that doing ONE quest in the chain is not enough. You have to do it all. Hence, that is not an option on this character, since it would level before I was done.

Abandoning the quest ought to have fixed the issue, I guess - at least when adding all the extra “acrobatics” suggested on WoWhead - but it didn’t.

So, I can’t take it back and do it, and abandoning didn’t help. I don’t know what to do then :frowning:

Oh, and about Chromie time - I have yet to try that out, since I wasn’t sure if I “locked” myself in a timeline when choosing one. If I start Chromie time, can I just swap back and forth between timelines?

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Yeah, I agree… it seems abandoning the quest has not “un-phased” you.

I can only suggest a ticket…
Use this option
Fill in the detail, in the quest name put “BFA Intro” and in the description simply put that you accepted the quest, then abandoned it and all the NPC’s are missing so you cant stop your Exp gain. You can also link a URL to this thread so that they can see what you’ve tried already.

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Hey Miki,

Since most NPCs in the Keep are phased out, I expect that your character has previously started but never finished some of these common questlines that phase over the area.

In your case I’d take a particular look at the “In Darkest Night” storyline listed, especially because I expect you’ll be able to see a quest in the Darkshore zone that you’ll be interested in completing as soon as possible.


Oh! I just posted a ticket before I saw this latest reply - but sure, I’ll check out that, thanks!

EDIT: I checked that storyline, and since it starts in Boralus, there is no way I ever even started it. I haven’t set foot in Boralus on this character - I just started the quest to talk to Jaina, but then abandoned it before even doing that. Apparently, it made me stuck in a phase anyway.