Being kicked from a dungeon must not trigger deserter

If the debuff got removed from kicked players it should also be removed from those who leave a group, because you can be faced with a situation where the choise is between playing with toxic players and taking that 30 minute debuff. That isn’t exactly fair either.

Example: Stockade run for yesterday.
As I enter I notice healer’s portrait is greyed out so they lost the fight againts the loading screen boss. Me and the other 2 dps grab quests and the tank says “Start moving aholes, I’m pulling now”. I start typing to mention we are missing the healer, but the tank and other 2 dps are already in a fight. They die, tank runs back to fight and pull more and yells at me for not helping and not using Soulstone: I tell him locks don’t have that until lvl 44 and healer is offline. Healer enters just as tank dies a second time and the tank keeps yelling. Healer says “Sorry for dc, but maybe don’t pull without a healer next time”. Tank tells the healer (not nicely) to do her job and then starts calling me a retard who doesn’t know how to Soulstone. Healer leaves, I leave… 30 minute debuff just because the tank was in such a rush that he failed to notice healer was disconnected and then blamed others for his mistake. Yeah I wasn’t forced to leave, but playing rude people is something I avoid at any cost.


That would just encourage leavers then. Oh no this is Violet Hold, I’ll just leave and know I can instantly re-queue and not get VH again.

It needs to exist.



Well i hope you learned your lesson… next time loot the quest item immidiately and dont make 4 other people wait for you

You’re a sad person.


From you’re point of view everything seems fine , but if they added that option ppl would abuse it , they would just go afk if they don’t like something ( dmg dealers , tanks , unexperienced players ) so they would get kicked w/o getting the deserter debuff.


Do you have a green colored text because you are paid by blizzard or something ?

It takes a few lines of easy coding to greatly improve this system…
I have been kicked by the group (and I am “ok” with that.)

But I am not ok with being banned by blizzard for 30 minutes from a game I pay to play.

Anyway, arguing on the internet… you know what they say…

I am out.


Staff post in blue, MVPs are just regular players who are helpful and offer knowledge and experience. There are plenty of non green posters who do that too.

Edit, found the sticky, I was being blind and couldn’t find it -

I have merely tried to explain why the deserter buff is needed and what happens when it doesn’t exist.

Just about everyone is going to say they don’t like getting a 30 min (or shorter) deserter buff. I’m not sure what help that data would be. Most people will also claim they are innocent even if the rest of the party thought they were misbehaving :wink:


Have to agree. I got footed because the asinine tank died for rushing ahead and staying outside my LOS. I understand the reason why it is the way it is, but the current system is too easily abused by idiots.

Speaking of, we had to put up with a leech yesterday because the one kick you’re allowed was spent getting rid of a tank who had no idea how to hold aggro.

Reminds me when i got kicked on my DH tank because a group kept pulling packs om freehold, i try and tank it all and die, get called a bad tank and get kicked, i got the 30 min debuff.
Log onto my druid tank que and what do you know i with the same group so i pull everything and shadowmeld, watch them all die.
Proceed to call them bad dps and heals before i leave. Its a vicous circle lol.


I did two dungeon runs in Legion, in both the kick message came up with people wanting to kick someone. The second run it was the tank they wanted to kick, because they thought he was too slow. At lvl 103 in a normal dungeon?

I haven’t done a dungeon since, I’ll stick to guild or community when I do tbh. and I used to like the variety of pugging once.

I don’t know what the answer is when people want to kick a perfectly capable, but steady tank who is willing to pug, when tanks are already a minority.


OP here :

I have just ran an instance :slight_smile:

2 players in the group leave for 1 minute to sell stuff just as we pop inside the dungeon : They did NOT get kicked (and rightly so).

Then, in the middle of the run, the tank goes to pick up a quest item he forgot : He did NOT get kicked (and rightly so).

Point is : being kicked by entitled toxic players is one thing; blizzard banning for 30 minutes from LFR based on entitled toxic kid judgement is simply wrong.

I’m now really out; but in the same run having people do the same thing that got you kicked previously twice is coincidental enough to reappear quickly here.

Enjoy the game and have fun, even if you’re one of the toxic ones.

puts flameshock onto one enemy, then takes hands off keyboard

aaaaaaaaaaaand your idea already crumbles

goes into melee as a caster, autoattacks the mobs

That system though is a fear monger for single players. Every time I do islands I pray to be the leader as it happened to have been kicked at 8900/9000 AP… resulting in de buff and no loot. Same for instance with alts, I’m scared if I underperform I’ll be kicked, so I’m levelling a priest in the longest painfully way possible. Even though I’m a polite guy you’d never know who would you find in the group.

I think blizzard just need to advertise more about not to abusing the kick system, like a message on the load screen about how the kick system is supposed to be used and hope people understand and be more considerate.

If you are not kicking people because you disagree with the reasons then the system is working as intended.

If you are kicking people because you agree with the reasons or you are the instigator and that person is removed because others agreed with you, then the system is working as intended.

Dungeons are a group activity, it is not a solo activity and no single person gets to dictate who stays or goes. It is a group decision :slight_smile:

It is not toxic to remove people who are holding up a group, or can’t do the role properly or are afk etc. I think people are too quick to label everything toxic these days. There are sometimes petty reasons for removing someone, for example for having a certain mount or one of the store helms.

Personally I will only instigate a vote kick or vote yes in one of I feel there is a justified reason. Going to answer the door, grabbing a drink, needing to use the bathroom, grabbing a quest item etc are not reasons I would kick someone. But I am not pushed for time when I play WoW, some players are and don’t want to wait around.

not doubting that this kind of griefing actually exists, but in all honesty, i have never experienced a kick on me, that was not warranted by me ranting or straighup being a hole at the end of a humans digestive system as a result of one of my partymembers being so immensely wrong in their ways, that i just couldnt deal with it any other way

I’ve only been removed from a random island expedition once, and they had every right to remove me. It was earlier on in the expansion and these two players just kept over pulling and killing us over and over. So I went off on my own and they removed me for not helping/staying with their group. Their method seemed pretty pointless to me but it got me a 30 min deserter buff.

I have been grouped with two guildies (not my guild) and they just had one of them afk on the boat the entire time. I could either leave and get the buff or just two man it with the other player. I decided we could just two man it and stuck them on my ignore list so I wouldn’t get grouped with them again in the future.

I tend to do them all in a premade now and we just do three mythics together once a week for cap.

I’m not sure what they can do to improve the system in regards to islands.

It would be useful if, when you’re kicked from a dungeon, you could see the reason why. Since one is entered when initiating the kick, the information is there. It might help for people who don’t understand what happened and assume that they were kicked out unfairly. That way you could see that people thought you were afk so that you know for next time to explain what you mean by brb.

le me agrees with le this

Deserter is bad. No doubt about it.

Everything else is worse, though.

Figure out something that is better - and convince everyone else, not just yourself - and who knows, Blizzard might hire you! (Remembering the Nash Equilibrium, if you can generalise the solution, you might even get a nice trip to Stockholm. :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’m not sad, I’m a warlock dude, what do you expect?

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