Being qued against ppl with more rating

i was doing some arenas with my alt and my friends alt, we were both at 0 rating, tho we constantly got qued against ppl with 1500-1600 rating.
is it normal?



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aight, thanks for response, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Game is figuring out your MMR.
If you keep losing to these 1600 teams, you’ll start facing weakers teams.
But if you maintain a 50/50 winrate against them, you’ll keep facing them as you climb, which will make climbing the ladder easier and faster since you’ll win more points for every victory, and next to no points for every loss, until your current rating matches your MMR.


tho it’s odd since both characters never did arena till today that we got faced against 1500-1600 rating ppl when both never did PVP ourselves.

It’s not that odd, 1500 is still considered somewhat low rating, even though it’s harder to get now than it used to be since the bracket is filled with gladiators somehow.


It’s gotta start somewhere, not a lot of players are down at 0 MMR.

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aight thanks for the responses!

Imagine 2k there is a lot of r1 and 3k guy.

I think we faced electron and the arcane Russian like 4 times in 1 session and few more well know guy such as krawnz or tay.

Tbh cr/mmr doesn’t mean anything atm.

Yes, I don’t have real team mates since everybody left so I just play with people from the LFG, and I’ve never been so stuck as I am now.
Even at lower ratings, everybody plays correctly, pulls off perfect CC chains and advanced tricks.
It’s basically impossible to go beyond rival without voice chat nowadays.

yeah blizz really have to do something about mmr and especially to make pvp boosting way harder ( idk put these with high rating to play only on high rating teams no matter who they play with to boost )

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