Best 1v1 classes

What do you consider to be the best 1v1 classes in PvP? Top 5.

Prot Paladin

Rogue (sub and assassa)
Feral druid
Hunter (sv or mm)
Ret pala


From my wpvp/duel experience:

In a bg 1v1 probably rogue, feral and hunter… If you have long cds on your stuff you tend to suffer in bgs I think.

Rogue and feral are by far the best ofc. There are a few more good ones, but it’s interesting that no one mentioned ww who is also excellent for 1v1, probably right behind rogue and feral. It seems that players don’t come across good wws that often.

Rogue, all time #1

You just reset endlessly if the situation doesnt suit you till it does

That is the thing with the sneaky boys :ninja:

May I ask why you choose ret on the list? Hunters can kite us to oblivion, Locks can control pretty much all the time, Monks can one shot us with CDs. Just curious. :slight_smile:

Top 5:
Necro Feral
Necro Assassination Rogue
Kyrian Sub Rogue
Necro Shadow Priest
Night Fae Aff Lock

I suppose in something like arena ww can 1v1 you cause port… But you can bop and bubble karma.

I don’t think I’ve lost a 1v1 to a hunter yet. Using two steeds and the pvp talent that makes blade of justice slow is very powerful and somewhat underrated I think.

On locks then yeah. A good lock will probably kill you… But I think a lock has more counters than ret does atm. That’s why I placed ret higher.

My only major turnoff with ret is being 100p dependant on cds, and often your 5 min cds feels very underwhelming.


hunter wins vs rog but loses to feral, idk about feral vs rog tho

Rogue wins vs Feral, especially as Kyrian with the vial.

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