Best class DPS in BFA


Hi guys i want to start play WOW again, and i have question.
Which class (and specs) is best for PVP and PVE in this patch (or Bfa)

and my last question i have 1 character warr so waht is best spec fury or arms ?

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If you are not aiming for mythic world first and so forth then any class and spec you like playing - as you will be playing it constantly to catch up with this tier, then to do the preparation for next tier and then to do the next tier and so forth.


Warlocks are topping the charts in most boda bosses and if you look in the pvp section there is a lot of “omg 80k chaosbolt crit i’m dead” ragetopics.

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Rogue, DH, Boomkin


For PvP;

Arena both arms and fury will see you do well
BG’s arms is definitely playable but fury is better without a pocket healer.

PvE; honestly I won’t speak on it as I’ve no experience. But if you are doing mythic to 15 odd and raiding to heroic I can’t see an issue.

Warlocks are strong atm
Survival hunters are strong - however do not expect to jump on it and perform well.


Play rogue


DH Havoc is the most braindead class right now. 2 buttons to rule them all.

Incredibly strong in PvE and PvP as well. Can’t fail the rotation.


Easy question - WW Monk, crazy DPS, you will see a lot of numbers poping everywhere. Top notch for PVP atm

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Play what you enjoy. Try the 110 class trials out

Picking a spec because ‘its strong/best now’ isn’t a good way of approaching it because that spec could he horrendous in a few months time.

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My personal opinion is Havoc DH is the best dps and go Fury. I don’t do group content or PvP, mind.

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