Best class & spec for AOE damage

Hey, as topic says what do you all think the best class & spec is for AOE damage?

Unholy dk has quadratic scaling on its aoe, so it can scale very high

but seeing as people don’t pull enough for it to matter, fire mage, balance druid, mm hunter are cleave and singletarget machines

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Fire Mage End topic.

uh dk m8 nothing comes close to them in AOE damage.

Depends how big the pull size is, and the skill of the player. Fire mages and unholy win IF big pulls. Normal pulls in keys pack by pack I’d say MM/hunter/arms. Done a ton of 14+ keys and very rare I get beat on my MM, only in big pulls due to 5 cap. Seen shadow priest and DH do mega numbers too.

Fire mage/unholy dk/marksmanship hunter. All billion times better than everyone else.

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In reality there are close to zero big aoe opportunity, usually it’s cleave up to 5-6 targets and MM/Fmage/arms are killing it. If we could do some mass pull (like 20 targets) for extended period of time shadow priest and unholy will come on top.

Go home, you’re drunk. Spriest is renowned for their poor AOE outside of cleave.

OP - I’d say UH DK, Fire Mage and Moonkin are all pretty safe bets when it comes to AoE damage.


Fire Mage
MM Hunter
Balance Druid

The obvious ones.

Ele Shaman is another spec I’d say is top tier if you’re going Earthquake legendary.

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Shadows dont hurt that much from AoE cap and if the mob HP is high its a triple win for them.

In 8+ targets (which is not realistic atm) shadow is beyond broken

Balance isn’t that hot on AoE to be honest. Most of the AoE/cleave comes from Sunfire and Starfall, those are both essentially DoTs with no ‘flare up’ mechanic so you really need the mobs to live for quite a long time to outdo specs that do more burst AoE damage. There is no target cap though. So in order for Balance to be really good on AoE you need to have massive pulls where the mobs die very slowly. Not a very realistic scenario. Plus, most druids play Night Fae, BoaT and Mastery stacking, resultimg in a large % of your power being tied up in your Convoke window and Convoke is famously garbage for AoE.

Searing nightmares deals a ton of damage and is uncapped, spriest have low cleave damage, but very high aoe damage with unfortunately high ramp up time. So as i told in unrealistic scenario where you can beat 20 targets for long period of time spriest is destroying the meters

Yeah, that’s the problem. It’s unrealistic :frowning:

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