Best classes for solo shuffle?

What do you guys think the best classes/specs will be for this game mode?

i think warrior/ret/ww monk as they have alot of raw damage without much set up needed

think alot of set up classes might struggle abit more?

love to hear your opinions !

Everything that doesn’t cast and doesn’t require any setup to kill.

Everything else will be probably unplayable especially at low mmr.


Cleave classes and classes with high self-sustained. Anything that can one shot as well.

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Imo ppl will adapt to using in game voice on higher ratings, so setups wont be that impossible. I would avoid warr/ret, because everybody plays these classes and usually having same classes suck in general. So if warrior will be the most powerful class and DK average or less, I could imagine having better results as DK, because warr+DK will most likely do better than double warrior. I guess you get my point.

Doubt it. Strangers will be strangers, and will treat each other as such. They’ll write to each other, but voice coms? Very much doubt it. Not unless they already know each other.

Tank specs will probably be the easiest to push rating as. Since the only one you’re competing for wins against is the other tank.


Casuals will refuse to use voice, but anybody who wants to climb will use it. Why would you disadvantage yourself this much? Sure, wow community has many overgrown children afraid of a real human interaction, but ppl, who will want to go up, will use it. If you are all randoms, having voice is big advantage over the other random team that refuses to communicate. And despite that many ppl in lfg think they are good enough for no voice, 95%+ of ppl are not.

You just answered your own question. And as I said, strangers will be strangers, and will treat each other as such. If they don’t already know each other, then voice coms will be unlikely in a solo queue. They’ll write to each other, but very much doubt it’ll go beyond that.

nobody can tell yet…
Because from current state of beta…it will be 4 demonhunters and 2 random healers…and the game will be about eho will press the hunt first and who will crit.

For sl gameplay definetly some mongo cleave like tsg, turbo, ret war etc.

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yeah i can see ferals being really good too, don’t think rogues will be too amazing for the normal player

Think warrior is really good and possibly shadow priest, as they historically fit with a bunch of classes.

Outlaw rogue at its current level would fit well too

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Everything with a good execute and max rot or cleave or best burst damage. But it also highly depends on the overall state of the class.

The reasoning therefore is, that it seems like the rating you gain directly scales with the dmg you have done and the killing blows you got.

But since there hasn’t been any finetuning yet, or how games feels like with gear on level 70, it’s impossible to say what specs will be doing great.

Specs with most viable comps

Class with the most variety of control.

Example (dragonflight) :

  • Monk : Stun / incapaitate / knockback / desorient (healer) / slow
  • Rogue : Stun / Desorient / incapacitate / ignore sight / silence
  • Etc

the reason why is because whatever the comp you will be able to chain control a healer perfectly and find opportunity way often.

If you are like Warrior / warlock / Priest . your Diminish return on Stun and Fear is always overlapped and the crowd control is way less efficient resulting to kill target able to avoid using cooldown with mobility.

for second factor , i will say frequent burst.

example (dragonflight) :

  • Arm warrior 25 seconds
  • Beast mastery
  • sub rogue

The reason is due to chance that crowd control my not be perfect due to comp you will find in situation where you have to press something to force cooldown. It may not kill people but as long you have trinket or cooldown from opponent it’s great in solo shuffle since communication will be harder than in 3V3 or 2V2 . With more frequent burst you will end with more opportunity.

like for example Balance druid / Destruction together in a team of solo shuffle they will have a serious hard time.

For me these two factor is the key for founding " the best for solo shuffle"
but as i always say :

no need for horses under the hood if it’s a donkey driving

warrior ww dh dk retri enha, basically anything that is zugzug. sorry if i offended anyone.

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There will be insane classes that have most decent comps with every other class.

So sth like warrior, sp, demolock, outlaw(other rogue specs not so much),hunter and ele.

Classes like mage, sub/assa rogue or DK that have niche comps won’t be that insane, unless they will do gazillion damage and ca basically compensate the lack of comp with this.

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I mostly agree with you:


greatly depending on tuning of course.

aside from most melees, I can see that boomkin and destro can be pretty crazy as well. With current builds they do not need to cast at all and throwing 80k crits around like mad mans.

casters that actually have to cast will probably heavily crapped on.
Classes with terrible defense will also have a bad time (e.g. Shamans)

Spot on imo

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