Best Dungeon of each expansion

So I’ve always enjoyed running dungeons. Group content that didn’t require hours of preparing and coordination. 5 players against a the world. In the recent expansions it’s been all about M+, which I’ve enjoyed a ton, however there was still something magical about those old dungeons, and the feeling I had the first time i completed them. So it got me thinking, in your personal opinion, what is the best and/or most memorable dungeon of each expansion? Doesn’t matter if it’s from a gameplay/story/sentimental-point of view. I’ll go first:

Classic - Zul’Farrak: That stair gauntlet! especially in vanilla, where people actually wiped.

TBC - Shadow Labyrinth: Don’t know why really. The scenery was just awesome, and the bosses were great.

Wrath - Halls of Lightning: Same as above.

Cata - Well of Eternity: Getting to see a huge part of the WoW lore in person, was awesome.

Panda - Scarlet Halls: Didn’t play much during pandaria, however I’ve always had a strong connection with the original SM dungeons. And the rest of the pandaria dungeons is kinda ‘meh’.

WoD - Grimrail Depot: In M+ it was a nightmare, but the idea of a running train, was awesome and visually stunning.

Legion - Black Rook hold or Vault of the Wardens: Hard one to choose, but BRH for the lore, and VotW for the aesthetics and boss fights.

BfA - Waycrest Manor: Big scary house, different corridors with new routes ever, courtyard, and basement. Also the zone had the overall best story of the expansion.

Shadowlands - De Other Side: Bwonsamdi, Hakkar, Manastorms! Both nostalgic and fun, great boss fights.

Dragonflight - Algeth’ar Academy: I don’t really feel excited about any Dragonflight dungeons so far. However, Academy has a cool layout, and the bosses are fun, yet challenging.

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Vanilla: BRD. It wasn’t a dungeon; it was a whole menu.
TBC: Shattered Halls. Fond memories of the Trial of the Naaru there.
WotLK: Pass. Least enjoyable 5 mans. Nobody gets a “Top of the Trash Heap” award.
Cataclysm: Throne of the Four Winds, with Stonecore close behind.
MoP: Reworked Scholomance, Challenge Mode.
WoD: Skyreach.
Legion: Court of Stars! I love the improvisation required.
BfA: Atal’Dazar.
SL: Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder.
DF: Algeth’ar Academy.

I didnt start playing really until SL so…

SL - De Otha Side, DoS has some nice fat trash packs and some cool boss fights

DF - Algeth Academy or Nokhud Offencive, again both got soke nice meaty trash pack but i think Academy just edges ahead on the boss fights. I do love Nokhuds idea of a dungeon spanning an entire map that you can fly in though.

Classic: ubrs and lbrs, those were the days.

Tbc: hm, maybe the sunwell dungeon.

Wotlk: uthgarde dungeons.

Cataclysm: Zul aman

Pandaland - legion. Didnt play the content when it was current. And dont want to base my opinion on TW or M+

Bfa: waycrest manor! Best dungeon in the game so far. With junkyard as a good contender.

Sl: hmm, close call between halls of atonement and sanguine depths.

DF: brackenhide hollow or neltharus lair.

All hail waycrest manor! It is by far the coolest dung ever!!

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