Best guild for my forsaken RP?

Hello you lovely spawns,

I am now leveling a forsaken rogue who used to be a scholar, privateer and explorer prior to his drowning in the northern sea. After many years of lethargy he awakens and is rescued at the surface by a horde expeditionary ship. And thus he ends up in exiles reach. You know the rest.
I’ve though about:

  • Grim Gest
  • Fishbone Marauders
  • The Hand of Agony
  • The Rotgarde
    Which one would you recommend best?

Thanks in advance for any replies :3

Edit: Edward was already dead before drowning first time round, he went down with the original plague back in the day. He served under the Dark Lady for a couple of years, drowned, awakened to see the chaos in the horde. Doesn’t know if to side with Sylvanas or the Horde, doesn’t care about the fact that she led them at first or that it was the horde expedition that rescued him, he just wanna regain whatever he can from his previous life and is looking for a community where he can work to fund his research - thus why horde loyalists would be fine, Sylvanas loyalists too and renegades/pirates as well, although I guess he is more on the “lawful” side, at least at first sight - thats why he is a privateer: a legal pirate.


Just wanted to add possibilities to your current list and comment on the two I know best personally:

Since your Forsaken’s been rescued by a Horde expeditionary ship, it’s probably unlikely that they’d end up joining a fugitive or Loyalist guild like Grim Gest or the Rotgarde (right off the bat, anyway.)


Can I also recommend us? Not bias at all…
In seriousness… what are you thinking for your forsaken?

Edit: Koiffen beat me to it…


Doesn’t the Red Ventures also accept Forsaken?

Suppose thay could work aswell seeing as he was rescued by the Horde and not particulary the Forsaken?


As Koiffen said, if you want to be brought back and loyal to the Horde, but still enjoy some of the darker aspects of the Forsaken military RP, we’re here. :wave:


Speaking as a Pirate RP’er, and part of an undead guild, I heartily also Recommend The Hallowed Host. We also have a ship, The Tempest, if you intend on continuing to scratch that maritime itch on the side.

Good luck in your search! :skull:


Hand of Agony are a fine bunch with a great GM in Simetra and I cannot recommend them enough. That being said, the Hallowed Host also seems like a great option for a privateer undead in particular.


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