Best Hunter PvP race

Hello guys just wanted to see what’s the most popular Hunter race for PvP, I’m not sure if I should go with Orc, Human, Dark iron dwarf or Night Elf… I know that races make difference at like top 0.1% players but I’m just a guy that loves to min/max… I would probably go with Night Elf but their tmog is just horrible…

Night elf is the strongest generally, but unless you’re very good, you won’t benefit from the racial much.

Orc is the strongest when rogues are strong. I think this patch Orc is better than Nelf. The 10% stun reduction requires rogues to do more stuns and less attacks during shadow dance, and is very noticeable.

Human is only good as MM, and only if you use the 2 DPS trinkets. Falls off a lot for BM/Survival.

Dark iron/normal dwarf are not great this patch. Feral damage has shifted to ferocious bite instant big hits, and not so much around bleeds. It’s only good vs Assassination. However, if you use the dwarf racial, your PVP trinket goes on 30sec CD and they kidney shot you and you die. Overall not so great.

Just go orc, it’s very strong, just a little behind night elf at the highest skill level, and much more practical

Human is good
Orc is good
Night Elf is good
Even gnome is good honestly

I’d say Nelf is the best by far on any class due to how you can avoid CC and casts with it, especially on casters that have precog and you have no other way to stop it. With Nelf you suddendly do. It’s sp good people play around it and can’t play without it, especially healers to avoid CC.

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