Best Leveling spec for Rogue?


Hey, as you can see I’m on my rogue and I’m currently using Assasination as my spec and i was thinking if It’s the best leveling spec or not? If anyone could maybe give me sugestions to which spec is the best for leveling it would be great!


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Probably outlaw, since sub is a clunky broken tool…assa involves dots which means you wont get the most out of the class mean while outlaw is a pirate which has no dots to manage so you will always do your maximum potential damage.


Outlaw, direct damage, simple aoe. The spec is rng based with the Roll the Dice ability but you can always use Slice n Dice if you want something less rng for leveling. Though you won’t have that talent till later on. Wowhead has some nice leveling guides available. Might want to look at those.


despite what everyone is saying - try sub.
you teleport to every mob while bursting with shadowstrike / subterfuge and when you leave stealth mark for death - evisc. Its 3 sec mob kill with 0 downtime as your finishers replenish your energy pool.
Stealth heal you, dancing heal you as well and makes it easy to kill multiple mobs extremely quickly.
Overall its the perfect spec for leveling that feels extremely smooth.


This. Sub is sadly no longer viable at endgame (thanks Blizzard) but it’s still my go-to spec for leveling. Healing in stealth is a godsend and so is being able to close the distance on enemies, especially in contested questing zones where AoE classes and tanks steal all the mobs and kill them before you can even get to them.

Then as soon as you start thinking about endgame content, you unfortunately have to switch again.


Assassination with Marked for Death is fast and easy. You’re just popping mobs one by one, instead of all together like outlaw. Plus you don’t get to Roll the Bones, which is annoying af for me :slight_smile:


I leveled to 120 as Outlaw. Up to level 98 I did a lot of dungeons, where Outlaw is good. But to get through the Legion and BfA content quickly, I did a lot of outdoor stuff (daily assaults, class hall quests, war campaign quests) and Outlaw isn’t very good at that. The main strength of Outlaw is Blade Flurry and AoE damage, but that can’t be used very well as you’re solo leveling, since you’re so squishy. As a DH, paladin, or warrior tank I was able to easily kill 10 mobs at once in outdoor areas while leveling, but as a Outlaw rogue, doing more than 3 would have me end the fight nearly dead.

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