Best looking (resto) Druid set since 2004 - a big thank you!

Dear Blizz devs, artists,
I am playing WoW since the very beginning and was always wondering and waiting for a druid set which would fit my imagination of how a restoration druid / druid overall set should look like… since 2004 there wasnt a single one which would come close. There were some good ones, but all failed somewhere (personal opinion). This time around you created a beautiful group of Outdoor/questing sets which in my view are far better looking than the raid/mplus/pvp sets in Season 3 and I would like to express my thanks for it! Finally some artists took their freedom to give the druid set the look and feel which it should have. Took almost 20 years, but I lived long enough to see it and hope there will be many more such perfect pieces of art. Good job to the artists!


The challenge mode gold set will forever be the best druid set in the game in my opinion, but the new sets are definitely up there. Incredibly well done by the artists. They look like raid mythic sets.

I hope there will be some option to get that challenge mode set via some other challenging activities. Its sad we dont have access to it anymore and I agree, that one is pretty good looking.

i also think the same but man have you looked at the PvP 1.8 rating set xD
im a paladin or what xD

hahah yea looks holy, dunnu why they pick holy color, they coud combine white with something more nature besides holy.

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