Best M+ spec?

I was looking statistics and I saw there are more frost images than fire images, but I want to know which one is the best

The one you find the most fun

Although in elitist : I see mostly frost mages, and some fire, very rarely arcane

They all have their uses.

Arcane FTW. Been having the most fun with this atm, though it has gotten me kicked out of a few groups before starting a run, by some small-minded plebs. It performs well in most situations, but is heavily affect by movement. Its traits and talents are divided straight down the middle, you either go full AoE or full ST but mixing them makes it feel lackluster at both tasks.

Fire is fantastic, IF you can get all the essences/azerite traits/Mecha bracers to make it work AND find a tank that makes pulls around your Combustion CD. Otherwise, it’s basically trash.

Frost is a good all-rounder and is even getting a 20% buff to Ice Lance in 8.3, great for necrotic weeks but can be a hindrance during Sanguine weeks both because of its slows. Unlike Fire, it’s not so heavily tied to gear/essences, that’s why you’ll see more of them. You can either go full Ice Lance or full Glacial Spike (where you never Ice Lance), depending on your azerite traits.

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i love arcane spec but my dps is not big and i wanna find a way to boost the numbers , for tyranical weeks in wanna do st dps and on fortified weeks i wanna do aoe . but i tried to look on warcraftlogs and there is no data for what mages are playing those weeks

Fire is the best but it needs to be played around due to Combustion - if Combustion is “wasted” on poor pulls or sitting off CD for long periods because the tank isn’t pulling with the Mage in mind, you will not perform well and would be better off as either of the other two specs. Arcane has too many glaring weaknesses (i.e. it needs to specialise in either AoE or ST, so will do one of the two components poorly) to realistically excel, but can do well if paired with other “specialists” to patch up the weaknesses. Frost is flexible and doesn’t need to be played around, and would be my choice if I was in fleeting groups.

Frost mages for pugs

Fire Mages for groups with clever tanks

Arcane for people who love arcane or if you have the right gear and its fort teaming and there’s another ranged in the group.

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