Best memories about the rogue class


Hello fellow shady ninjas!

I am always personally a big fan of topics like this so let’s try it out and see where it goes.

Name your 3 best memories about the rogue class. You could name anything as long as it rogue related.

I’ll start with mine:

  1. Back in the day when hemo spec was a thing. I had a blast with my brother who played a human female and I played a human male. We both had fist weapons (he switched them out a lot) and we where in Altered valley. Throwing people off the bridge with snowballs.

  2. As Arena started being a thing I quickly turned into a pvper, but I always was in a pve guild. Back in the day I mained a holy paladin and rogue was my alt. I had full gladiator PvP gear on my rogue and I asked the female GM if I could join 1 raid on my rogue (sublety). I was in the top 3 damage meters all the time. I will never forget her getting annoyed and angry on Teamspeak that I was up there. “How does this pvp geared rogue out dmg you pve geared guys?!” Haha what a blast.

  3. Me levelling another alt rogue with a IRL buddy. This time we went horde for the first time. He was a blood elf female called befouled and I was a blood elf male called Seducion. Damn we where just kids. We where actually having fun using sprint and jumping off small hills. I worked at a supermarket but always was with him levelling this char, I got so addicted to it. Also remember we stealth running the dungeons to solo the boss for the rare daggers it dropped. We alliance in bgs, often just staying stealth and ambushing low hped guys or only attacking clothes to have a big positive KD ratio at the end.

I could go on for hours. Let me hear yours!

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