Best names on Ashbringer

Some names just stick.

My favourite is Syresniffern (acid sniffer), a gnome warrior. Seen him dosens of times and love him. I got mixed up in some 5v5ish pvp action where he turned out to be. I noticed first when he dropped to the ground and I sort of felt bad.

I dont think you killed Syresniffern. He is invincible!!

My favourite name has got to be Grakzul. Whoever that dude is, he’s good at naming Orc Warlocks!i!1i1i!1i!1i!1i!1i!1i!1i1!i!1i!!i!ii!!i!!


Ingrimmsch, Dwarf Rogue … definitely :wink:

terrible name
try something like “Grak’zul”
such an awesome name, y’know
only geniuses could think of that one

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