Best place for Kaldorei RP

Hi guys been away for some time and am back where is the best place for Kaldorei RP? Also any guilds taking on new members?

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There’s the city elf crowd, no doubt. But I’ve seen two guilds around that use some hamlets in Kalimdor. Farwatcher’s Glen, Feathermoon, Astranaar, etc. I suppose it depends on what you’re after. No doubt one of the Night Elf regulars can explain way better than I ever could when they appear!

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The Wild Oath have a guild ad only about 10 posts down from the top, they are literally recruiting nelf druids, goodluck with your search for nelf rp!


This initiative / series of events might be a nice way to get into night elf roleplay. Without making any specific guild recommendations, this could allow you to interact with the various groups for yourself. Find out who you enjoy roleplaying with, and continue on with afterwards.

Otherwise, the Nightblades themselves (the hosts) are a very long-lasting guild, so if you’re looking for consistency and quality, there’s a good bet for you. Attached their recruitment thread too.

Regardless, good luck & hope you find what you’re looking for.


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