[A-RP] Ashenvale Autumn - Community Initiative 5/9-25/9 2022

Last year the Nightblades hosted “Sentinel September" in Ashenvale, a series of events open for the community throughout the month. We had a lot of fun with the initiative and this year we aim to make it span a little wider! Thus, this year we will host Ashenvale Autumn, a Kaldorei-centric event drive for the community where everyone is welcome to both partake and host events. The initiative will take place between the 5th and the 25th of September.

Below is the official schedule. All dates not already written up on the schedule are free and anyone can host an event on those dates. Just let us know if you wish for us to add it to the official schedule!

5/9 [A-RP] Astranaar Market Night - 5/9/22. Hosted by The Moonrise Hermitage
6/9 Sparring. Hosted by Kathene
8/9 Quiz night at the inn with Aariam and Kathene
11/9 Blessing of bow and glaive (and more). Hosted by Ialluen
13/9 The Curse of Zoram. One-shot event hosted by Kathene
15/9 Ceremony. Hosted by Ialluen
16/9 Lecture on the Ancients. Hosted by Anerïel at the Shrine of Aessina.
20/9 Thieves! One-shot event. Hosted by Tinwëtar
22/9 Autumn Hunt. Hosted by The Moonrise Hermitage
24/9 Illuridei - The Watchers Flame. Autumnal Equinox celebration to round off Ashenvale Autumn

What is Ashenvale Autumn?

From the 5th until the 25th of September the Nightblades will host Ashenvale Autumn, an initiative meant to bring the Kalimdor community together for three weeks of fun and socialization in Ashenvale. Like Sentinel September, it will feature a mixture of casual and semi-casual events for everyone currently in Ashenvale to partake in. The Nightblades will host two organized events per week, and we wholeheartedly welcome and encourage people from around the community to host events of their own during Ashenvale Autumn as well.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Or, well, specifically all Alliance characters. This is an initiative for the blue side (sorry, Horde).

What is considered an event?

Anything you can think of! It can be big or small, anything from a fully DMed combat event, to a storytelling night, to a pilgrimage to a shrine, to an open lecture on a specific subject, to a merchant coming to Astranaar to peddle their wares. Anything that fits the theme and the setting really.

Who can host events?

Anyone who wants to! As mentioned above, the Nightblades will be hosting events twice a week, but aside from that it is a free-for-all! If you want to host an event and have it put onto the official schedule, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see it done. We welcome events created by other members of the community, in fact. The more, the merrier!

I want to host an event, what do I do?

First of all, that’s awesome! Secondly, either you write in this thread directly to let us know about your event and we’ll post it on the schedule, or you can contact us in game/via discord to let us know about the event as well. We will continuously make posts in the thread to promote the events on the schedule.

I want to participate in an event, do I need to sign up?

For the events hosted by the Nightblades, no. Events that are more casual in nature, such as ceremonies, lectures, pilgrimages and similar will be open to everyone. DMed events may, however, have a limited number of participants (due to DM capabilities) and as such they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. So, no signup required, but if you want a spot in an event it may be a good idea to be there on time.

When and where do events start?

All events will begin at 20:00 in Astranaar, unless something else is specified in the schedule.


Remember to bring plenty of tips for the 8th! All proceeds will go towards Sentinel stuff.

Definitely not for a spa weekend in Pandaria.


Sounds great! Chances are that I won’t be able to attend every event, or even most, but I’ll definitely look to poke my nose in at some point or another during the month if I can. Really cool initiative.


Oh you are more than super welcome! We hope to see plenty of community there, be it kaldorei or not. New Kaldorei guild looking for context and contacts? Super welcome! Solo Kaldorei looking for something to do? Come one come all! Alliance guilds or character passing by Kalimdor looking for friends or something to do? Also really really welcome! As so many times before, we really hope to enable and create possibilities for people to meet oneanother, find friends, play a few events and get some nice RP going! The Kalimdor scene is always nice when there is some activity around.

The three weeks that this is up and running have plenty of free dates too, so if anyone wants to try their hands at pitching anything from a simple to less simple RP-event within the theme, it is more than welcomed! We really really hope to see Ashenvale come alive during these weeks, and we are really looking forwards to it kicking off. Let’s make Ashenvale and Astranaar come alive! :crescent_moon:


Ran into these people last night in Farwatcher’s and they were amazing to RP with! Looking forwards to attending the festivities! Linked the post in my guild discord ^~^


Very much looking forward to this! Thank you so much for hosting it!!


I am very excited for this! Curious to see how many people will come to Ashenvale!


looking forward for this.


An awesome looking initiative! I may have to persuade Frolbar to bring the Morodnir over
:thinking: :man_mage: :beers:


I will be there!


The Moonrise Hermitage spoke with the Nightblades and we are very happy to announce that we will be hosting two events during Ashenvale Autumn!

We will welcome everyone during the Astranaar Market Night (5/9) and the Autumn Hunt (22/9).

You may find additional information on the market night in its dedicated forum thread here.

The Hunt will be a friendly group competition where hunters will be encouraged to bring back the most amazing prey. In kaldorei spirit, all that will be hunted during the night will be shared with the community and put to good use. Following the hunt, a small druidic ceremony will be hosted to celebrate our hunters and thank the wild Gods for their generosity.

Thanks for the Nightblades to let us host during their initiative, we are very happy to be a part of it !


I have added the two events to the official schedule above and we’re looking forward to enjoying them! This will be grand and we hope to see many people there. It’s nice to hear that so many are excited by this. :smiley:


A hunting event?. That is astoundingly interesting.


I think my Kadorei Sentinel will have to make an appearance!



Lecture on the Ancients (namely Agamaggan, Aessina, Ashamane, Aviana, Cenarius, Goldrinn, Malorne, Tortolla, Ursoc/Ursol)

When: 16/09/2022
Time: 20:00 realm time
Where: Shrine of Aessina
Host: Me

I think that concludes all details necessary?


It should be all the details indeed! Excellent! It is so nice to see more people add things to the schedule, and with quite the variety too. It will be a delight watching so many things happen in the Night elf community within such a short time. Here is to Ashenvale coming alive!

If anyone is still contemplating adding events to the calendar, don’t hesitate! There is plenty of dates up for grabs still. Let us know and we will have it added! :crescent_moon:


I have added your event to the calendar! Great to see that you wish to host something. I am really looking forward to attending your lecture. ^^


And I’m looking forwardd to giving it! Its always enjoyable to give lectures on lore ^~^


Almost starting, really looking forwards to it. (Even if I will be away for much of it :frowning: )


Tonight is the start of Ashenvale Autumn! We hope to see plenty of people find their way to Kalimdor during these weeks and hopefully meet both new and perhaps even old friends.

There is still space in the calendar. Should you feel tempted to host a spontaneous storytelling or a sudden adventure, write and let us know! We welcome all initiatives on the theme.

Let’s bring some life to Ashenvale! :sparkles::crescent_moon: