Best race for a Shadow Priest old god theme

Hi all guys,

i would create a Shadow P with a tentacles, void, dark whispers etc. themed.
But i don’t know which race is linked with Old Gods / Black Empire theme.

Ally side i think dwarfs are more linked with it because of flesh curse, but others races?

Thanks all

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undead :stuck_out_tongue: they are the OG followers well humans too if you count Natalie Seline

Shadow priest can only be Undead if you ask me. All other choices are vastly out of RP (its like making a goblin death knight :))

Void elf or Kul’Tiran - you have instace where Kul’Tiran sea priest started to trasform to tetackle ‘humans’.

I remember forsake being from cult of Forgotten shadow which started with humans researching dark magic orc necrolytes practiced.
It’s the Legion expansion that threw Natalie Selie to some void stuff, but I’d argue that OG Forsaken Shadow priest was more related with typical necromancy stuff rather tha void and tentacles.

Void Elves hands down, they’re the race with the strongest link to the void

yeah you should also double down on the void go full Void Cult Priest and worship a bunch of dead hantai gods :stuck_out_tongue: then again the herald did say the old gods are as numerous as the stars so i guess you can find a new old god to worship on some other star

What’s speaks against a Goblin Death Knight?

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