Best realm to transfer to?

Hello everyone,

Returning player here. I havent been playing since BFA. If we put a side life biggest reason i left because i felt lonely and impossible to find party for anything decent or fast on current realm which is Stormreaver.
I need advice where should i transfer my character/s. Im Horde player, EU time zone GMT+2, and i would be riding after job or weekend days mostly. I also like battlegrounds etc but i cant be hardcore player as before. Im mostly interested into Mythic+ dungeons and Heroic raids and other fun stuff ofc.

So if you can give me any kind of advice, plz do.

If you’d look for population, you could grab some 3rd party sites and then take a sneak peek at the realm forums and/or hop into the realm itself during the time you would be on and see if its also busy or not.

Toons up to level 20 can login without time so you would be able to see the chat channel activity, but if you’d like more on-hands info you would need gametime or use a trial to talk to realm members to see what they’d have to say about it for a honest opinion.

The best realms can have queue times at peak login and around patches as well, a trade-off.

Btw if i may ask, whats exactly transfered there ? Gold ? Items ? Mounts ? Achivements ?
I may try it but im not sure if there is possible way to see at what time zone there is peak playerbase.
Stormreaver feels empty to me honestly…i have 3 characters there, i would transfer 1 i mained during Legion.

Welcome back!

Relative Realm populations are well shown on

(sort by Horde)

Draenor would be my choice, (and is in fact my choice for a Horde realm) but you might find a guild on one of the others.

Saneko is correct that the best realms can have queue times at peak login and around patches, but I haven’t seen any since the start of BfA, so I no longer consier that an important factor.

But what might help even more is for you to find a Community or Communities. Communities are like guilds, but they cross realms and factions (though guilds are going that way soon anyhow) and they are not exclusive - you can BE A MEMBER OF AS MANY AS YOU LIKE.

In Communities, you will find people to do different things with. I can recommend Scared of Dungeons specifically (Alliance) Scared of Dungeons EU EN but you may find others. Since you can join as many as you like, it costs nothing to try.

Here is a full article:

However, my shorter answer is:

  • Achievements, Mounts, Pets, and Toys are now tied to your account rather than to an individual character, so any character on your account will have them all anyhow. So that doesn’t matter for Realm Transfer.
  • Gold, and Bags and Bank contents are transferred with the character.

When you login on the new realm, everything seems exactly as it was on the old one.

There is a steep discount for transferring three characters, and a Sale on until July 4, so now is a good time if you are doing it.

OTOH, levelling is much much faster now than it was even in BfA, so if you do want to save the cash, it is quite do-able to level three characters to 60 in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for all the answers. Btw do you have any idea if pvp (battlegrounds are even possible to que for on those horde popular realms ? Only 5% of Ally sounds like bg que is impossible at that point.

Wish its possible for me to but transfer instantly atm. I have alrdy bought wow and sub and i got no more money to spent on it atm and offer stays till 4 july sadly, my paycheck isnt before 10.

Random BG’s can be pooled with any random realm and may include foreign language realms but generally will be kept to a minimum. So it is not limited to your own realm at Retail.

In case that either factions experience a shortage of opponents they may sign up as Mercenaries instead and then disguise as their counterparts fighting on that side temporary and earn rewards as usual*

*Except faction specific achievements.

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