Best server for horde-side RBG queue?


Hello there. I have been playing wow for some time on Draenor on both horde and alliance. My main issue is this, i want to grind honor and kills on my horde characters, but a 15m avarage queue time is slightly unpleasant. My alliance characters have no problem with this, since the queue is 5m max. The main question is, does transferring to a realm with lets say… 50/50 population or, higher alliance population help this, or are all realms connected? (I know Draenor is a horde realm but i dont want to take chances.) Thank you.

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It doesn’t matter on which realm you queue up (except RP-Realms i think) You are always in a pool. German/English+Portuguese/Italian/Russian/French I think. The only thing you can do to shorten queue times on your horde character is to activate Mercenary mode, either in Mugambagla or whatever that place is called or Dalaran Sewers. It basically faction changes you for 1h (costs nothing) when you queue for bgs

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Best pvp server is Blackrock german.


Yet rolling horde char there will not help with horde queue times, as they are, indeed, are region-wide. Horde just has more people playing bgs. So alliance enjoys shorter wait times. As Wajoba said above, the only way to fix these is to run mercenary mode (unless you want to switch your colors to blue and gold lion permanently of course :slight_smile:

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True , Horde is less pvp play during day


That’s because the kids are at school. Don’t mean that in a bad way either.

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