Best solo PvP class for open wolrd\random BGs\some arenas


Hey guys!

Haven’t played since legion and now trying to choose a toon for solo PvP. I really enjoy world pvp, don’t mind random BGs and prefer to do some arenas now and then (will def play more of those when I learn my class). So the question is which one would be the best pick for the task:

Rogue (and what spec)



Thanks for your opinion!

(Coolgroove) #2

For all three, universally versatile so to say, I would rank like this:

  1. Druid. Has everything, lots of heals, great damage and utility, has tools for 99% of situations.

  2. Rogue. We all know why, just doesn’t have a ranged option and no druid heals, but better mobility and CC. Assa is the hardest to deal with (slows are insane), then Sub, then Outlaw (but I might be bias).

  3. Shaman. Ele is just as good as Druid, but instead of stealth/shifts you get lasso, purges, and totems.

  4. DH. Damage is insane, mobility is very very good, self heals and sustain is great, CC is good (only rogue has better) + great utility.

  5. Disc Priest / MW Monk. I don’t thinks I need to explain why.

  6. Surv Hunter. Great damage and utility.

  7. Everything else.

All my personal IMO from WPvP/BGs, and judging by a few streamer I watch from time to time - all are good picks for Arena with a good synergy comp.

(Vaëyn) #3

Feral Druid :slight_smile:


Just play insert melee class here Blizzard loves their sword swinging heroes (skinny nerd wish fulfillment most likely). For complete cheez-mode, play Feral, the class of neckbeard gankers everywhere. Get in trouble? Use one of your half dozen cc abilties and spam healz. Win!

(Coolgroove) #5

Do you aware that you are playing a sword swinging hero?

Just because you can’t beat them doesn’t mean that you have to generalize and insult them.


Alt and to answer your other point, if some idiot playing in his bedroom in his mums house is camping at Darskshire, or Lakeshire etc in Mythic+ gear to one-shot lvl 20’s and such, that individual is a neckbeard ganker. End of.

(Coolgroove) #7

But what if it someone in their own apartment having their fun on a monday evening after a stressful work day? How can you be so sure? Or just convenient stereotype to express your displeasure?

(Vaëyn) #8

I agree the lowbie gankers need put down hehe. Trying to do my part. But ye, what’s with the insults lol. You 12?


As much as I like to make allowances for the varying degrees of what constitutes “fun” to different players in an MMO, if you identify griefing low level players in starting zones as fun after a stressful day then that says it all about the sort of person you are. Aawww! diddums! poor you! did your boss shout at you today? unsuccessful in rl and doing a crappy dead-end job? not to worry! just play an MMO and kill the helpless, feel EMPOWERED!!!

By definition, if you’re a griefer you’re a tool. It’s not a convenient stereotype, just a fact.


(Vaëyn) #10

Whoah, lol :slight_smile:

(Coolgroove) #11

Hahahaha, baited and triggered in the same time.
So many assumptions and so much of lower back pains, hahahaha, are you trying to be an internet psychologist?

Let’s do it again - What if someone doesn’t have a boss, successful and happy in their life, loves what they do to the point that it’s not a job, and a very kind and caring person who likes to help others. But in a video game they can let it loose for whatever reason?


(Khyrneken) #12

Mages, especially Frost have incredible kiting skills to combat melee classes. Even when engaged upon they have many opportunities in the Open World to regain the upper-hand.

Even Balance Druids have effective Open World threat.

Either way, we shouldn’t complain as Paladins. We have far too much cheese ourselves!


Only SJW snowflakes/millenials use words like “triggered”. How’s dem Antifa rallies working out for you? You’re still living with you parents, aren’t you?


(Coolgroove) #14

Hahahaaha, took you a long time, and you came up with this? Haha

You know that word “triggered” and it’s usage in various situations and for various applications was loooooooong before even idea of any SJW happened, right? Or you have only enough knowledge for assumptions and clumsy insults?

With that, rest of your poppsychology failed. But it was fun again! Do it more! Hahaha



All typed from your bedroom in your parents house. “To the Soymobile, Batman!”.


(Coolgroove) #16

Hahaha. Repeating yourself, meh, became a bit boring.
Seems like you’re afraid of it. Are you sure you are not projecting your own situation?

Got offended by a joke on the interwebs, lots of preconceptions, assumptions, hear no one but delusions in your head and hash-tag over-usage. Looks like you were talking about yourself all this time.

Common, you can do better. Make laughs again!


You sound like you have issues with feral. Since I play one, I would like to make you aware thet they are nowhere near as good as they were years ago. Feral is quite probably the only class that consistently takes a nerf.

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