Best Spec for Warlock?

Hi everyone, i read a lot of posts about which is the best DPS PVP and PVE spec for warlock but all were old. So i decided to create this post and ask to the mains :which is the best spec for warlock? (funny, strong(dps) for pvp and pve) ( sorry for my english)

For pvp go destro

Based on WarcraftLogs rankings, best spec for raids is either affliction (if there is nothing to cleave and/or a lot of movement, e.g. king Rasta or Mekkatorque) or destruction (if you can cleave and don’t need to move much).

Based on RaiderIO rankings, demonology is the best for M+.

For PvP destro is tbe best by far

Strong burst with Infernal+Dark soul+Chaos bolt and tankiness with demon armor and even the mastery.

The CC is also very good if you use Havoc.

I PvP as demo as I’ve done for a long time but it’s really not too viable, same for Aff afaik

Demo is r1 viable. But let’s be honest it’s probably the hardest spec in pvp actually due to bad design and dogshxt dmg but still r1 viable.

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Yeah its designed terribly, just whenever you next cast Hand of Guldan count how long it takes before Imps actually cast anything, but well HoG at least deals damage, Dreadstalkers have even bigger delay and don’t do anything bonus.

However it is somewhat viable however it is absolutely outshined by Destruction in PvP


And for pve ? Aflli , destro or demon?

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In pve i struggle between destro and demo and i can’t decide x.x

Demo is very single target spec so against two targets (havoc) or in AoE (raimn of fire, cataclysm, maybe even demonfire) situations in general, I see Destruction dominating too

However demo is well regarded as dungeon spec but overall if I wanted to minmax I’d go destro.

But I am not 100% sure since I am not really PvE player but I am pretty confident Im mostly correct on this.

Anyway either way I wouldn’t really recommend Affliction unless you are really into DoT specs

Affliction has amazing spread, and needs very little time to get their dots out there. However they are very easy to kill.
Personally I prefer to use it in larger groups (even tho it may not necessarily be where it preforms the best, I don’t know), mostly because I otherwise usually find myself dead and buried within record time.

Demonology is the hardest to kill (that being said, it’s still a warlock) and has a good burst, decent spread and overall better mobility than the other two.
Personally I don’t use this much tbh, but it’s fairly even no matter where I take it and definitely the one that allows me to stand for the longest and have the least fear of melee classes.

Destruction has extremely strong burst against single targets, but also decent AoE. Chaos bolt is justifiably feared, and while this is good for obvious reasons it also means most will do everything they can to prevent you from casting it.
Personally I favor deslock, largely because I find it extremely satisfying to hurl a chaos bolt in someone’s face. However I also like to prepare so that I can toss several in a row, as I find that the second the first has been cast I’ve officially made myself a target and will soon be pushing up daisies.


It really depends but we don’t actually get Demon armor so I wouldn’t say we’re the tankiest in my opinion + destro has extra defensive mastery.

I think this is the most important point here, Destro is just very strong so I think it would be good launching point

You’re ofc welcome to disagree, but personally I still find that with Soul Link redirecting 20% dmg, as well as improving Soul Leech, they still have the best survivability. :woman_shrugging:

And in regards to destruction; while I actually agree with you (as mentioned I favor it), I was really trying to not say “do this” but summarize the three as objectively as I can, hoping they will choose the one that best fits their personal preference. :slight_smile:

I am not into maths but I’d dare to say +150% armor and +10% max health that Affliction can do beat Soul link

I’m sorry, I had completely disregarded optional things and meant it in comparison to destructions mastery. :slight_smile:

I absolutely get where you’re coming from, but my personal experience (which is what this is) won’t change no matter how much disagree. :sweat_smile:

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Fair enough, I’m not trying to force it on you.

We’re here to help new player though so I think it’s important to point out things like this.

Demon armor was nerfed but it’s still considered go-to for most locks and is very powerfull, in combination with destro mastery, it makes Destro the most tanky spec of the 3.

Obviously we all have our personal experiences but what I was going for was to give the OP clear answer, Destro at it’s max is the most defensible. I really am not into numbers and statistics but I thought objective answer to this problem is least confusing for new Warlock

So just for the OP on defensives

Soul link (20% damage split)

Demon armor pvp talent (+150% armor, +10% max health)+ Mastery (randomly reduces x% of damage you take)

Demon armor pvp talent (+150% armor, +10% max health)+ Mastery (randomly reduces x% of damage you take)+ possible heal from Siphon life

So defensively


Yo aprovecho y pregunto…para PVE entre afli y destro para raid sobre todo que pensais que va a ser mas fuerte? Hay datos del ptr? Demon la verdad no me agrada. Gracias

We have a different approach then. :slight_smile:
When someone’s asking for a recommendation I prefer to focus at my experience (which would be that demo stands the longest - for whichever reason it does, maybe it’s not focused as heavily?). And when it comes to talents or skills, or generally more in depth information about stats, I prefer to redirect people to icy-veins - since they have far more reliable and objective facts than I’ll ever get.

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