Best way to find people to play with?

hey, im new to the game and have been spending time leveling up but i can’t seem to find people who also want to play together, whats the best way to find people to do this? i currently play on Magtheidon server as death knight for the horde. if any one has some advice that would be great :smiley:

I wish I knew, in the general case. You just have to try guilds and communities until you find people you like who play the same things you do.

I know someone who was in Bubblewrap Bandits guild on Magtheridon Horde, and thought they were a friendly bunch.

Hi Caliista,

Welcome to the game :slight_smile: Your main way these days to find like-minded people to play with is to join a guild that shares your interest. Social interactions in the open world and dungeons aren’t super common, and while they do still happen, most people keep their head down and do their own thing.

In terms of guilds, there’s a few things you can do (albeit there will be a good bit of overlap between them):

  1. Check the Magtheridon realm forum to see if there’s any guilds that suit you that are currently recruiting. You can also post there yourself, and see if anyone wants to get together for playing sessions, but I’m not sure how reliable that is.
  2. Check the in-game guild recruitment tool (default hotkey: J) where you can browse and contact guilds currently recruiting. You can select the main activity they do, play times, as well as level of engagement (casual vs hardcore). You can also search for communities in one of the tabs there, which are not not guilds, but groups of likeminded people that create a separate chat-room style channel to do things together.
  3. Check out, a separate website that offers Bnet and Armory integration, so is a little easier to navigate and offers more transparency.
  4. Keep an eye out in trade chat in capital cities. This one is very hit and miss, so make sure you chat with people first to see if it’s a good fit, but even though it tends to be unrealiable, I can say that I found both my current and my previous long-time guild during Cataclysm through trade chat posts, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

I myself play on Magtheridon too, but am not online much these days due to work. I can hit you up when I’m online next as well :slight_smile:


Welcome Caliista!

As others mentioned social guilds and communities are a good way to go usually.

Open World and Instances are kind of rarer possibilities, but they exist. Did find myself two people that I play a lot with and we support each other. The problem here its “by chance”. So the first option would probably be more effective.

You can also take a look into:

Welcome again and enjoy :slight_smile: For Azeroth!

that would be great and thanks for you help, my battletag is littleliddy#21182 if your ever around and wanna play :smiley:

thanks the advice has been really helpful :smiley:

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