Best way to Gear up


So I’ve returned to Azeroth, regrettably without Dragonflight, and I was wondering about the best way to gear up from 226 ilvl at level 60.
Time was I’d do Comp Stomp but given it’s ending in a day, I don’t know that I can get much done.
A friend suggested world events could get me to 400 ilvl, but was rather mum on what events those were.

So, while I can’t get Dragonflight, I’d be really grateful for advice on gearing up.

As far as I know, the best you can do now is to follow the questline into Zereth Mortis and trudge through the medium-slow Cypher system to kit yourself out in 252 gear.

You can also equip ONE piece of crafted 262 gear that you might find on the AH or from a Blacksmith.

You WILL NOT get ilevel 400 gear from Shadowlands - your friend was talking about Dragonflight World Quests. (which they won’t, even - you need Dragonflight World Events (ugh :frowning: ) to get 400+

True, he forgot that I don’t have Dragonflight yet and was referring DF world events.
I can’t even do comp stomp for gear anymore because you can only buy the appearances from the Shadowlands PvP vendors now.

Yeah, Blizzard aren’t putting themselves out to make life pleasant for people who don’t buy the latest expansion.

But to be fair, DF is on sale for the next few days at 10 Euro. I’d suggest you find the cash, because your sub fee will be worth a LOT less to you if you don’t have DF.

Would that I could.
From South Africa I’m on the R350 (ZAR) per month grant for Covid relief, and my bank account eats R115 of it.
So, ~R500 is impossible for me to spend on DF.
Frankly, the only reason I even have game time is because a friend paid for a one month sub on the condition that I cancel before it rolls over.

Sorry to hear that. Yeah, that’s a tough situation, outside EU. And while level 70s can make enough gold to keep up their game time from selling Tokens with some extra hours, doing that as a level 60 would be a full-time job.

I hope you enjoy your month! Post again if I can help with anything, like clearing rares or suchlike that a level 70 could bulldoze for you.

I was wondering what the odds of me getting into a mythic shadowlands raids might be… pretty sure mythic Sepulchur wouldn’t be too much of a bother for halfway decently geared level 70 groups… they could carry my butt without noticing too much drag, and I could gear that way I guess.

Would it be possible to organize such? Could you help?

Edit - After several hours pugging, I’ve yet to get into any mythic runs of any Shadowlands raids.

Slim to no chance to get into a mythic run with lvl 70’s due they are after transmogs and only take lvl 70 ppl for “easy run”. Sure you’re right, you wouldn’t be causing much weight but it’s just how things go.

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Yeah, sorry, as Ashtut says, that’s going to be a tough one. I certainly can’t solo them, and parties of 70 are going for the mogs, typically Class runs, and even if you found a run with no Pala, they are unlikely to accept a 60. :frowning:

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Then it seems I’m going to have to start my own and hope people show. That hasn’t worked out for me in the past much though and, since there’s nothing to be gained from it for my level 70 friends, they’re not going to help either.

I’m boned really, aren’t I?

I’m not sure about “boned”.

Without Dragonflight, you are fer shoor a Second Class Citizen in WoW.

But if you accept that, and work within those limits, you may be able to enjoy what time you have.

I’m not convinced those Mythic gear will be much better than what you can get by questing.

Since the Great Squish, Blizzard “flatten” - take all the power out of - endgame raid gear when the next expansion launches. During Shadowlands, top gear might have made you 5 times as powerful as a just-dinged 60. Now rmaybe regular gear will get you to 150%, and top gear to just 2 times. That’s what happewned in BfA after Legion, at least, and I think they just keep doing it to limit power creep.

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