Best/Most fitting professions for Paladin?

I was gonna say blacksmith/miner but I’m not sure of that choice.

They might well be - I go her/alch for the extra phial duration, and to save myself a fortune over a season - fitting or not!

just log off this miserable class and roll a dh or something that has an actual dev, don’t waste time or resources into it

Blacksmith/Miner would be fitting, but Enchanting feels fitting too. Couldn’t tell you what would fit the best with that, though.

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If you mean the best as in combat advantages, alchemy/engineering. Alchemists have small bonuses for drinking potions. Engineers are more successful with tinkers, although those have become very niche lately.

Damn that’s rough, but I’m not lookin for fotm. Already played DH from Legion to BFA but got bored because the rotation is a rather bland in my eyes with the focus on meta for damage.

Played war, it’s cool but rets have cool visuals and class-theme you can’t get with a war. Rets need some fixes but it’s been way worse before.

there is a dev team that discusses every class. no class has a personal dev. it is a team.

then ‘the team’ is smoking crack if they think paladin is in a good state :rofl:

I doubt they do think it’s ok, but let’s be honest if after almost 20 years they can’t get balanced numbers for classes, they never will. There are so many variables between gear, core classes abilities and talents. Most of them being useless and dead.

FFXIV achieve very small differences with classes performances but at the cost of having rather bland classes (except Dark Knight, it’s very entertaining to play).

WoW balance isn’t going to get better with the new specs talents coming next expansion.
Instead of flavor, it’s just additional talent stats. So another variable to the balance nightmare.

If they were quick to response with adjustments when things are clearly bad, instead of having to wait major patches, we wouldn’t have players leaving because their main class suddenly sucks major balls, or they can’t fight against disgustingly OP classes and it ruins their enjoyment of the game.

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