Beta Development Update -- Leatherworking Drums

So you force one guy 2 go LW per party cuz of minmax and every caster will prolly need to go tailoring i.e., or are you gonna change that you dont need the profession like tailoring for set bonuses? :slight_smile:

see ya when most people rocking JC and Ench from the beginning till last phase lmao.
just make the easy and obvious change that everyone can profit from drums even if your not LW, or are you nerfing bloodlust too? no shaman group switching? :wink:

All nerfing Leatherworking does is make the next 2 clear best professions, Engineering and Enchanting, mandatory instead.

You haven’t solved an issue, you’ve destroyed a profession completely (Leatherworking offers nothing else than drums), whilst shifting the mandatory profession issue to other professions instead.

You’ve created an extra issue, what will you do to make Leatherworking in any way worthwhile? Tinnitus completely destroyed Leatherworking in WOLTK, nobody at all used/uses it. It is useless, which is now the case in TBC.

5 people will still go leatherworking per raid.
How exactly does this “destroy” a profession exactly?

What do you propose that Blizzard does exactly?
It was either most of the raid goes LW or 5 people.


Exactly what i wanted to say, Leatherworking will be totally fine.

Also, LW provides leg enchants, clefthoof set and some other BoEs you can sure make profit with

Stop crying, this is a decent change


It will not make it worse, the solution is similar to what they’ve done with ench/JC.
They already nerfed it to 8yd and 1s cast.

You would not need a single LW in the raid with that change, just like alchemy, jewelcrafting, herbalism, mining, engineering and so on.

Having it be a personal buff only would also be a much better alternative. It would avg out similar to JC/Ench/Engi, though engi/ench would likely end up king, like they will with this change they are making.

LOL all the losers minmaxers crying because their cringy guilds only care about their performance, meanwhile we just chilling doing what we like lol. pathetic. i didn’t even read the post i just came to make fun of you sad sobs.


How is LW useful as a profession from a competitive standpoint or even gold-making standpoint?
It’s worse than the alternatives in both departments.
As a feral tank for instance, the only semi-decent piece early on are the BOP boots from T5 raids, but I can perfectly live without those.
Everything else I can have another LW create for me (BOE).

How will 5 people go leatherworking? 30 seconds of 5% haste is less beneficial than +8 stats / 24SP / 4damage from enchanting enchants.

Unless the drum duration has been significantly buffed, then the profession is dead.

Thank you. This will make it so we don’t end up feeling like we need 20 people with drums per raid.


You might make some good gold off of that in the first weeks, but after that the market drops off really hard for both the leg enchants and the clefthoof set as more and more competition enters (for what is generally a fairly limited demand).
What separates LW from Enchanting (when it comes to selling the “enchant”) is that LW only takes care of leg slot enchants (and only for physical classes at that), for which there is a far more limited market than what Enchanters can cover most gear slots, for all raid roles.
On top of that, Enchanters also get the ring enchant which is awesome from a min-max perspective.

The other BoE’s are mostly laughable from a money-making perspective.

Do the math?
5 groups = 5 people.

Why wouldn’t it make it worse exactly?
If leatherworking can benefit the entire group, it would be required to be leatherworking lol.

Then leatherworking becomes pretty much completely useless?
Why would anybody pick it.

In the end, this is very welcome change :slight_smile:
Especially to people wanting to actually play any other profession than LW.

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Yes, i know 5 groups = 5 people, but that 1 person isn’t worth it. Your raid as a whole would perform better if he was an enchanter.
Not only that, but, the reason drums were so good were that it’s not only Drums of Battle (haste), that are used. You use Drums of War alongside them, (so, 4 drums of battle, 1 drums of war for DPS groups), and occasionally 4 drums of restoration for healer groups is equal to more MP5 than is present on FULL holy paladin t6 gear…

All of these things are just gone with tinnitus. it makes the profession just a complete joke, and if you somehow think it isn’t, you should level on a WOTLK server and see the effects of “tinnitus” Leatherworking. Where you’ll apply to a guild as a Leatherworker and will probably be asked to reroll it to “something useful”. It just becomes bad.

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So, what exactly do you propose they do exactly?
With this change, people don’t have to become 20 leatherworker raids at least.

Stop creating issues where there isn’t one? That’s what they should do.

Too little benefit remaining, basically.
LW is a very poor money-maker, and offers mostly bad gear.
Speaking of gear, compare that for instance to BS and their BOP maces, Tailoring and their really good sets, or even Engineering for that really good head slot (and awesome trinkets for a Feral).
Primalstrike for instance is a joke of a set - costs a fortune and is replaced almost immediately in T4.

I’m considering to drop LW completely now (fortunately only got it to 80 or so atm), as it’s just not worth it.

You sacrifice 1x Enchanting for 1x Drums that affect 5 People

That is Drums effect x5

So one Leatherworker per Group is superior to that additional Ench/JC/Engi bonus


Highly debatable if that’s even a raidwide DPS increase, stop forgetting about cast time and 8 yard range.

When you’re a hunter in a group with an enhance a tank and 3 pets, that drums is getting almost no value.

Better than requiring 5 people per party.

Are you really that stupid?


How is requiring 4 enchanters and 1 LW better than everyone being LW?

Fact is, it is a DPS increase in a Patchwerk sim fight.
If it’s worth on every encounter and every group might be a different story.

But it balances out Leatherworking and brings it to a spot, where it is still decent to bring in a moderate amount and not be overtuned as hell