Beta Development Update -- Leatherworking Drums

It makes no sense.

“Oh we’re ok taking 35 engineers in Vanilla out of 40 raid members, and we’re fine with 25 of those raiders being the same class”

Also people
“Nope we’re not being forced to have 70% of our raid being leatherworkers. But at the same time, we’re fine with Warlocks having by far the best AoE in game in a speedrunning meta where there’s going to be 15 of them in a 25 man raid, we’re also fine with when leatherworking is dropped, it’ll be MANDATORY for those people to be enchanting and engineering instead of Leatherworking and Engineering, literally doing nothin but shifting the issue to other professions instead. We’re still being COMPLETELY FORCED TO BE CERTAIN PROFESSIONS, but we wont moan about it unless it’s leatherworking…”

It just makes no sense. Stacking engineers is fine, stacking warriors and warlocks is fine, but leatherworking is the step too far? Explain it, because it’s so dumb and so forced from literally nowhere.


Tinnitus is a good move - thanks for listening.
Having 2 different versions of drums is a bit of an overkill now though. LW might be too lackluster now and the idea is to make LW viable but not mandatory right, not to make it completely gimped?

Keep the tinnitus and change it to one single version as we are getting the 2.4.3 content, and drums were buffed in TBC to make LW a viable profession.
Will make everyone happy.


If Classic was done with the same spirit they would likely disable or limit world buffs in raids other than Naxx. Plus maybe some extra like nerf gold making in some obvious farms.

TBC is done with “some changes” that aim to limit degenerative gameplay that now would be a fact where as in original TBC wasn’t discovered/prevalent since launch.

It’s rough to compare the power increase of original drums with enchanting bonus by the way.

Way less guilds will care about ench / engi / JC being mandatory and more raiders will have more freedom of choice in their profession.


There was a massive issue with leatherworking though?
Everyone would have to be leatherworkers in the raid group.
Especially if you’re part of one of those raid groups, where you’re practically told “Leatherworker or kick”

This tends to be why you have an alt to with the money makers :wink:

Difference is that leatherworking would benefit your entire group.
Enchanting only benefits yourself.

Major difference :slight_smile:

Yes that solution would be bad. I’ve previously suggested making the buff personal only, bringing the value down to 5% for 30s over 2 min, putting it at a similar but slightly higher level of JC/Ench, at least for DPS.

Leatherworking becoems useless for 20 people now with this change. And it becomes a burden for the other 5 rather than mutually beneficial when everyone in the party has it.

The 8yd 1s cast was good as it increases the demand on organization of the raid to properly utilize it.

Leatherworking is never gonna be useless, sure it might have a lower value but so too do most professions, yet that is somehow not a problem. The same people whining about drums being good are gonna play suboptimal comps and probably weren’t gonna have 25 leatherworkers to begin with and likely don’t even have 40 engineers in classic when all other professions are useless.

Okay this is cool and all but any news on when we can expect pre-patch? “Coming soon” is all the customers deserve nowadays?

In the end, this change is welcome by most players :slight_smile:


yea it’s welcome by clueless players chugging on tipsout/ginger tipsout

So, you prefer the min-max leatherworking meta? :slight_smile:
If a profession benefits the entire party, it’ll pretty much become mandatory :man_shrugging:

So whats the point in going LW now then? There is no uniqueness to it that you´re talking about. There are solid options for the crafted items.

And if “which encouraged guilds to carefully plan their raid composition to ensure access to various buffs” is one of the reason for tinnitus-debuff then why dont you do the same thing for Heroism/Bloodlust? You added the debuff for them as well later on.

Dude drums are still stronger than every other profession but only once per group.
So there is a clear point to go for LW. It’s just not everyone will take it.

And a nice bonus to that: It nerfs overall player power, thus making the content a little bit harder for sweaty guilds and keeps it the same for casual guilds (cause they didnt use them anyways)


Just make the damn item usable by anyone.
People wanna use drums.

You are now one of the most important people in the raid if you have LW, as one per group is going to be extremely valuable and optimal. Everyone will love you.

You can also craft leg enchants, drums, and BIS items in Sunwell. LW is pretty damn valuable. I’m going LW on my rogue, because it fits the class fantasy and I want to be in charge of drums for my group to bring utility. That’s f*****g awesome.

I don’t understand your logic: how does 20+ LWs in the raid make the profession more valuable than 1 per group? Go LW and guarantee your spot if you love it so much :slight_smile:

PS: THANK YOU BLIZZARD. We know Some Changes is difficult, because the community is passionate and a loud, vocal minority will always fight against any single change due to Blizzard Skepticisim Syndrome. But we know you have the data that shows the overwhelming majority of Classic subscribers, hardcore an non-hardcore alike, know the silly game-ruining stuff needs to be addressed to let FUN be allowed in the game.


Amazing! Thanks for listening to the raid community


The market for leg enchants is really limited though.
It’s one item slot only, and is only in demand by physical classes, so overall the market for that enchant is rather limited.

As for “BiS” items, I dunno what BiS hunters/rogues/shamans get out of it, but for a feral druid you’re getting your bis from Sunwell, not from LW.
The only exception being the gloves, but those are fortunately BoE (thus I’d rather pay someone a big tip rather than have the profession myself).

As for raid dps, I do love to prove myself on the meters (disclaimer: some might not be of the same mindset here), and I don’t know if I really want to fall slightly further behind on the meters just so that some self-centered double glaived rogue can spam even more “Look at my dps! I’m beating you all! xD” in chat.

Goodbye min maxing… Drums Change - Check, JC Change - Check, Enchant Change - Check… Paid Boosts?? Please blizz change this next!

Cool. So when can we except to be using said drums?

Probably on pull, then when cd is off later, also a BL/hero in between unless this shares the same debuff

Awesome thanks for listening!