Better way to track Sepsis?

Anyone has a weakaura or an addon that will display sepsis as it ticks down on an enemy?

When in an AOE pull, I lose track of it on the nameplates, and mess up the free use of a stealth ability.

I looked on wago, but I have only found auras that track the timer once the free stealth ability becomes usable.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m not great with making weakauras myself.

Hey dude, I’ve just uploaded my very simple/basic Sepsis Debuff tracker bar to Wago. It may or may not be what you’re looking for, but I find it useful as it puts a simple tracking bar with a timer just above my character’s head. It only appears when your target is debuffed, so it’s not always that imposing all the time.

I am unable to send you a direct link to it through the forum, but if you search ‘Sepsis Debuff Tracker’, it should pop up on the Wago search.

Hey, Toxyn.

I’ve tried your aura, but it doesn’t trigger for me whenever I use sepsis.

Hmmm, that’s weird, sorry about that. I’ll look into it and see why that is :confused:

Edit: Looks like I’d set the Spec to Outlaw by default, so I’ve now changed it to work for all specs :slight_smile:

You aura has started working for me! When I’ve made this post, I haven’t dinged 60, I did not actually choose a covenant. Never thought that this would make a difference…

However, I can only see your bar when I target the target with sepsis debuf, which is just as good as having the icon on the nameplates. Is there any way of having that bar on my screen at all times?

For my rogue, I use an addon called needtoknow to track Sepsis.

Nothing fancy, just gives a bar that counts down 10s, can be moved, resized etc.

I will look into it. Thank you very much.

Have you found a way to have it “always show”? Similar to the above weakaura, it disappears when the enemy debuffed with sepsis isn’t targeted.

I’ve carefully looked through all options of NTK and the above weakaura, and it seems there is no way of making neither show while not targeting the debuffed enemy.

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Honestly, I don’t know wtf is going on here, but now my Sepsis bar is only showing up for the 5second stealth buff after the initial 10s dot wears off :confused:

It also used to just sit there on my screen above Shadow Dance bar no matter who I targetted etc.?

Trying it out here now in-game and I swear on my beard this is not how the addon was tracking over the past few nights of using it, wtf lol

Any luck fixing that?

Managed to find a weakaura mate, shows the 10s cd and it stays up when I change target.

https : // wago . io /GBnWAdgc-

Then the needtoknow bar kicks in for the 5s stealth-ability buff if you’re still using it.

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How about just create a weakaura? With the spell id of sepsis…

This one is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

No worries, enjoy!

Personally, I don’t how to make weakauras, can’t speak for anyone else.

Also, any weakaura I found that I’m assuming used your method, wowhead etc, don’t work the way we would like them to. Simple really.

Heres my Sepsis weak aura. Shows a texture when the stealth ability is available.


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