Beware of The Taven Guild

Please be careful of joining this guild.
Not only do they have a guild leader that constantly has a hissy fit when thing’s doing go his own way, but removes Raid leader from someone to HR the key in Nax to give to members of the his own raiding team, after raid leader said it was reserved just for guild members.
He then claims they Key is crucial for the advancement to Uldar…
Can’t remember the key being needed for Uldar, but things may have changed.
Also saying minimum gear score was 3800+, yet is fine for his Alt rogue (3400 GS) to be boosted though the raid, and claim items that are needed more by others for himself.
They claim to be a lot better than they are and there looking for members for Uldar, But they have major problems with EoE 25.
Last run they wiped with 4 tanks and 6 healers. Yet a few of us went to a PUB run and did it first time with 21 players, and zero deaths.
I’ve had 20+ years experience playing this game, and raided Uldar over 40+ times with my previous guilds on retail, and unfortunately this is a guild I cant see lasting long under its current leader.
Change must happen for it to get better, but the arrogance of there leader, and some core raid members show’s just how far behind everyone else they truly are .
Seriously…be very careful when joining, or raiding with this guild…They change the rules to suit themselves.

“I’ve had 20+ years experience playing this game”

No you haven’t. The game is not that old!

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