BFA Season 2 Ending Soon

I reckon mid july 8.2 will hit LIVE & Eternal Palace of Queen Azshara will be end of July

Please Blizzard we all hope this time time-frame that has been set out (in theory) will be fulfilled in practise (in reality)

unless some demons from Twisting Nether are applying mind control and illusion where reality is far away from us mortals (physically speaking because spiritually we’re all Immortals just like Blood Elf how they used to be) ;))))

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You guys need to pray that 8.2 isn’t a bust because the game is in its deathknell and it will be the final nail in the coffin. You will have people flock to Classic and ignore the failure that is WOD 2.0

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People will still have to pay a sub - so what are they losing?

It was amazing season full with bugs, full with pve gear in the arena, amazing trinkets that do 30% dmg and you like aways did nothing to fix that and I wonder why I pay my money to play this…

A rough date would be lovely. Everyone I knows, hanging on by a thread with wow.

…with a draenei, in shadowmoon valley


With a S.E.L.F.I.E cam, to capture the moment :heart_eyes:

screams from from the back

I give you a broken one in shadowmoon valley in outland.

shh or you’ll be the broken one :wink:

Its ending SOON…

“Soon™” soon?

next week ^^

where are the title cutoffs?

In case you hadn’t seen them.

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yea I found them, thanks

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its not starting off well, nerfing paragon chests people have been working on and saving has already taken the edge off.
Increasing ap rewards for some activities, increasing ap required for neck and increase in AK means less point in doing lots of content.

Its almost like they want me to take a month or two break in subscription in the lull rather than carry on paying and playing.

  • Does this mean that we can still obtain Gladiator mount / title during the “off season”?

Don’t think you can

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