BG groups/pvp guild/community on PvE server?


I’m starting up TBC with the intention to play some casual pvp (arenas and BGs). Im wondering if its fine to stick on my current PvE server (alliance on Pyrewood Village but could migrate to another PvE) or if I should reroll on a PvP server? I dont doubt there are also people playing arenas on PvE servers, but is there a better chance of finding a dedicated pvp guild / people to play BGs with on for example Gehennas?

With the upcoming changes (blue pvp set from vendors, reduced honor and arena costs) you will certainly find casual players on Pyrewood, S1 was extremely unattractive for most people due to long grind for subpar items.

You don’t have any pvp guilds now, but you can form 5 man groups on server discord (5man is the new limit, you can only premade by cheesing the system and queuing at the same time with other groups to maybe get together inside)

In serious pvp guilds you will be expected to respec for raiding and pvp, so as a casual player where you’ll get ganked by Horde majority Gehennas isn’t the best idea.

I’d recommend Earthshaker and transfer to Gehennas before wotlk since all pvp tryhards from Horde will reroll there, causing a huge shift in population balance.

Thansk so much for the reply! So ur saying that casual pvp is possible on Pyrewood but to find a guild / community, i should reroll on a pvp server? Or will i be able to find 5 man BG groups on Pyrewood discord? :slight_smile: Im not looking for a serious pvp guild as I dont have the skill nor time to reach super high.