Bgs against the russians

What is happening on the russian servers, how many cheaters are there? Who controls them?? How do they win every random BG. Saturday afternoon I come to play a little pvp random bgs. And I sign up as an ally. The next 3 bgs WSGx2 and AB were shorter than the wait for BG!! All three times the Russian team was full 10/10WSG or 10/15AB. Of course we had no chance, they are like the plague. They are better players, they have better equipment, they are smarter, they are rock stars. But no one likes to play against them. They are much more, but they are not healthy for the game! They destroy every party wherever they appear, of course, except their own, which should be the most important to them. This can be seen by their gesticulations when they beat someone by dancing above their opponents… To my credit, if you weren’t there, they would have to invent you!! You really brightened my day and I know that the whole world is looking at you with joy!! Great great players and ppl!!

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They don’t.

In this case, try to be more like them?

I do.

Whining about Russian players and thus demoralizing your team for no reason or spreading wrong stereotypes about them on the forums isn’t healthy for the game.

Their names are written in cyrillic letters. That’s the only difference. Everything else is literally the same as anywhere else.


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The simple truth is they are, you won’t see a Russian team just let you come and take their bases, they defend them to the death. You won’t get a free run through mid with a flag against the Russians, cos they are 100% aware every time a flag is taken, they protect their carriers in numbers and attack efc in numbers.

Flip that to typical EU players, run as a mass group to one base, fight like mad to take it then all run off and leave it, 1 min later it’s been retaken. EU players in CTF, barely any awareness of the flags and all too often will allow efc free passage through mid, cos they’re too busy trying to gank stragglers in irrelevant areas of the maps.

They may have gained a bit of an unsavoury reputation in the past but you have to admire their discipline, something severely lacking in the EU player base.


I’ve seen a lot of stupid things done by Russians. Most of the groups are terrible. There are some groups that enter synchronized by voice chat that can be tougher, but they are not the majority and they usually lose to europeans who do the same.

Many of them have vodka in their veins instead of blood.

Vodka and krokodil

I will raise the topic. Why should I see them on BG? They have never been and never will be Europeans. russia will never be Europe! I want to play random bg, but more than 50% of the time I’m lucky to come across them and it makes me terribly angry! I have had enough of their bombs here in my country, so now I have to see their gestures in the game. I left the russian server a long time ago so as not to meet players from the aggressor country. I have to play in a language that I know by 20% and I am ready to put up with that. Let them play with themselves.

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I don’t think it’s right for them to be grouped up all in their own little bubble if they are going to be included into our pools. They should just be integrated into the EU realms just like the rest if us. If not then why not chuck the septics into our pool as well?

FYI France and Germany also have their “little bubble” when it comes to BG pools - you can see by the realms they are from. A lot of the premades you face in normal BGs actually come from those two countries, and not from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc as many will have you believe.

Yeah I see a massive amount of them from the Hyjal and Archimonde servers… both french If I remember correctly… same applies to them as well then, why not just throw everybody into the mix? And I know the Russians aren’t just from Russia, just Russian speaking but why separate them to just Russian speaking or French Speaking? Get a mixed bag in our pool so why not for them?

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