BGs Hindered By Premaders Syncing Queues On Discord

I have now officially stopped queueing to epic BGs due to infamous players leading 20-40 players into syncing (and bypassing the 5 man limit to queueing BGs) so they can get into the same BG to farm HKz and honor levels vs undergeared and unorganised players at a graveyard like AoEing low level mobs.

This falls under harassment and game sabotage.

Please make sure to report certain outliers for BREAKING TOS. I have a feeling this and the beginning of next expansion we’ll see a movement in banning people abusing such tactics. It’s got out of control and cant be ignored any longer.


Did they talk to you H24 and even after ignore they contact you ?
Did even outside the game they contact you and beeing creepy ?

case of harrasement is case like Nali and her harraser that came in front of justice in the USA

Harrasement is not a joking word

If they use bad language report for “innapropriate communication → text tchat”
But do not use the report of harrasement as a joke because you faced the same ennemies multiple times and lost

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This is exactly what I did and truth be told I’m in a better state of mind for doing it. With first Blitz win of the day awarding 100 CP and every subsequent win awarding 50 CP plus the 2 weekly Blitz quests you get, there is zero need to set foot inside EBGs and I’m happier for it.


The concerns of the Western world :smoking:

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Yep. Report and move on.

It’s pointless having a discussion with people who abuse premading as spending hours upon hours of hitting their PvE AoE rotation as a GY has caused brainrot to seep in.


I agree something has to be done about premades in BG´s, im torn though as i think random BG´s should be playable with freinds n the problem is very widespread in regular bg´s aswell where it makes games extremely onesided. I could que with a full 5 man group n we´re going to win an unproportionate amont of games just from the fact that we´re all fully geared alone.

There is also the fact that while there are tons of ways of gearing now a days that doesnt include BG´s, alot of people myself included plays BG´s for the sake of it being fun so letting exploiters control the gamemode just isnt a good idea. We can infact see the negative impact this has had aswell where there are considerably fewer people partaking in BG compared to historically. If i play regular bg´s for a few hours i can run into the same premade groups repeatedly.

I dont know when the whole premade sweat squad even started happening.

quesyncing is however an obvious straight up exploit n should simply resault in a ban although the issue itself in that regard is a mindless hotfix level of easy solution, just add a que dodge penalty. Dodge or miss a que pop? 5 min leaver penalty, dodge again? 10 minute followed by 20 minutes, the dodge penalty resetting after you´ve played a full BG without leaving.

This would effectively kill off que syncing with very little effort. Now some might say “this might punish me if im afk” n sure that could happen but realistically if you miss a bg pop you´re not in such a hurry that you cant just wait 5 minutes to reque. Unlike shuffle bg ques arent all that long to begin with.


The issue is that the fewer people play the game due the low quality of the content, balance issues and other problems with the blizz themselves.

The good number of people that should queue to random BG as a team should be no more than three. With that number randoms won’t be affected that much.

As an alternative, Groups should be queued only against the other groups, like in OW1 or OW2, where the game tries to balance teams.

As an additional alternative, groups of more than three people should get a honor and conquest penalty -45% for each additional member in the group.

the penalty wont change anything since people who go premade tends to be fully geared already as is.

Matching them exclusively against other premades is likely the best solution but thats going to fiddle with que times so where do we draw the line? 3 man premade = random que, 5 man = premade que?


Not with mixed factions.
Same overall pool of players, but split evenly.
Divide groups, avg ilvl (lowbies both sides), avg Honor lvl (as a rough measurement of experience)…

I think the only real logical solution to that would be 5 or more then put them into a premade groups pot, the rest into random. If that results in longer queues for those in groups, who cares, really?

Would be extremely interesting to see how many of these so called groups of friends would actually queue for the group option or if they would just ditch a member or 2 so they can just still hang around in the randoms.

Sound reasonable.

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