Big D Crusaders Officer ninjas my devilsaur kill's skin

Oldskool fails to tag it, so he Stealths inside the corpse, waiting for me to loot - imgur. com /eqfum8r

He successfully ninjas the skin, then gloats about it - imgur. com /k9BhJIM

He tries and fails to ninja skin another devilsaur - imgur. com /ZnnkUKh

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a lot of people do this, dont know if its worth making a forum post about it but ye… it sucks.

You don’t think its worth mentioning, that you started the entire incident by tagging other peoples mobs?

And also mentioning the fact of you running around ninja looting mining veins, and then whispering people “Gotchabich!” afterwards?

Fueling unnecessary drama is just low - especially when you do a loooot of not so good things yourself.


Brutalejohn is a known griefer, dont listen to him


If you say so - i’ll check in whenever i see people starting drama over nothing.

On another note - i have no idea who you are - never played with you in any form or way, so it surprises me that you apparently seem to know me very well. You do you bro :slight_smile:

oh we heard all about you brutalejohn, toxic player…

I feel offended by the OP character name.
must report

Yup - like i haven’t heard about you also ninja’ing Devilsaur Leather :rofl:

…Where do you come up with this garbage? I mean, it takes actual effort to come up with such blatant lies. Never even seen you ingame.

Got a single ss to back up those claims? Also im not “starting a drama”. You willingly choose to treat it as such. Its more of a PSA-type warning.

So…the guild name is not meant to be taken as endearing irony.

Its an actual label.

P.S. You don’t think its worth mentioning, that you started the entire incident by tagging other peoples mobs?

Literally the first sentence in the post: “Oldskool fails to tag it…”

Anything you can do to annoy Brutalejohn is a good thing though.

Just curious, what makes it someone’s mob if more people are camping the same mob spawn?

Sorry that happened to you bro,

they are the scummiest guild on the server, with a terrible reputation.

just let it go and blacklist them from groups

Just looking at this thread for a few seconds.

  1. Big D Crusaders - even the name of the guild gives you the impression that there is a lot of childish stuff going on in there.
  2. First name on the list of that guild: Fakkenhell
  3. Name of the guy who got griefed: Gotchabich

The horde community from here looks pretty terrible, glad to have rolled alliance on this server after 15 years of being an orc earlier.