Big Frost DK Changes in 10.0.5

So I have gathered a whole list of changes that happened to FDK in 10.0.5. It’s more impressive than I anticipated if you ask me.
Here it is:

  1. *.

Do you think this improves the spec’s viability in mythic+? Let me know your thoughts!
I have to admit, I am glad the list is just as big as in the last few patches.

UPD. they actually buffing frost… whaatt

  • Frost
    • Unleashed Frenzy duration increased to 10 seconds (was 6 seconds).

    • Cleaving Strikes Obliterate now hits 2 additional targets (was 1).

    • Frost Fever damage increased by 15%.

    • Glacial Advance damage increased by 20%.

    • Frost Strike damage increased by 10%.

    • Frostwhelp’s Aid damage increased by 100%.

    • Frostscythe damage increased by 35%


Those certainly improved FDKs reroll capabilities :smiley:


The * can be described as looking like a snowflake, which could mean it probly looks overpowered and needs a nerf. And also beter nerf death strike again.


we can now notice massive FDK changes coming in 10.0.7 too!
I cannot wait for them to happen!


It is becoming more and more obvious, they dont care about FDK. They see only UhDK as the spec to go…

3 more lines and TWO *!? We’ve never those before!

Ye sure… huge changes Copium

Whats wrong with frost dk?

Tank level DPS out of cooldowns.

Our big talents, firstly Obliteration, while functionally works well in M+, can only do tank DPS out of it’s cool down, which means if you can’t maximise your window, you are punished heavily for it, meaning it is okay on burst but a liability out of it.

Breath of Sindragosa has it’s damage locked on a 2 minute cooldown, which simply doesn’t function on a PUG level and barely on a coordinated level. The 2 min cooldown is very much an archaic design compared to what other classes can do. Similarly, if your window is a fail, you’ll be stuck on tank DPS for potentially up to 2 minutes.

Frost needs serious attention and hopefully gets tuning this week as Blizz announced on the Guardian Druid tuning post that underperforming specs at endgame content are being looked at. However, what they will do with specs and what their definition of endgame is, remains to be seen.

fdk is useless in high m+ keys, no sustained dmg.

I havent tried pvp but everyone as one say it’s trash

fdk can pull its weight in raids but it’s unfun and can be screwed by having to do a mech.

Obliteration build is not viable whatsoever. So you have the entire left side of the tree just sit there with no use.

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