Big suggestion and help for customize, tmog, achievements and stuff

Hello. I am here to suggest some of the big issues which I consider for this game. I will give you the examples below :

  1. Storylines ACCOUNT WIDE please. Why? I am kinda new around here and I have a character Warrior, my only one and my main ( i have other too but not played on them just because of this issue, at least one of them… ) So, I main a Warrior, I want to play a Monk, easy thinking : create a Monk, do the content. Well, for example to discover the hidden artifact back from Legion I must do a part of the story for Suramar which is… non-sense, I already did the entire story from legion, even all reputations exalted but if i create another character I must repeat the story and the achievements to unlock that “phase” being with my friends ? Same with Dawn of the Infinite, I am never able to summon 'cuz “phase” thing because of the story ( of course I won’t do all the stories on ALL my alts everytime while I’ve done them at least once… ) So my first suggestion, please storylines account wide.

  2. Achievements. Of course will be and achievements, some of them are from story, some of them are from reputations and rares killed, encounters etc. which there is my entire work but I won’t do them over and over again since I am going to create a new character… this would be hilarious.

  3. Transmogs / Cosmectics & Customize. If you have ever played Tauren, Vulpera, Troll, Worgen, Draenei and maybe more races than these, you will notice that as Tauren you will never be able to cover your hooves, why? That should be an option on Barber Shop or something, maybe I want to cover my hooves or to hide my tail under my skirt or not to do it. Or my horns inside of my hood or outside or my tusks going out through my diamond helm ? Really? Hide them, give us this option. From my point of view, this should be better, maybe some of them wanna play with our fluffy ears inside our hoodies or the tail under the skirt not going outside, these would be real cool options.

I have more than one character of course but I play just on 1, and that is my main Warrior, why? This is said, I will never be able to change my class just because of these things… I really wish to play main a monk healer, but I cannot let go of my warrior just because of all things that i’ve made… achievements for any event like winter, pilgrim, halloween, because of my storylines of each expansion, because of my exalted reputations, because of my achievements in general, because-because-because.

All being said, please take this suggestion seriously because I wrote it with tears in my eyes because I am not allowed involuntary to play on another character because ALL of my work is stucked on my character which I started with.

P.S Otherwise, do a token like change class or something you can move ALL things from a character to another character and the #1 & #2 issues are resolved.

Thank you Blizzard, I hope I will receive some answers at least and a bit of everyone’s support.

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