Big transfer decision to Bloodfang really need input


I have invested a lot of time playing since classic hit and have now 6 characters 40+. However, Zandalar Tribe where I am at is having huge problems with its faction imbalance. Horde is being farmed in a crazy manner, they are camping major cities, boats, zepelins 24/7. So, I am looking to transfer. Its unplayable and really ruins the experience (I know its the other way around on some other realms).

Wowhead user generated data shows Bloodfang is not dead, about 1/3 in population compared to Zandalar Tribe. While having a good H/A balance. What is your experience dear community? I really need to get some practical insights to get an idea if using a free migration is a good idea or not.

Moved from ZT here week ago and no regrets, it’s less crowded realm, you will be ocassionally ganked, but there’s no big zergs, I’ve experienced only max 20 vs 20 battles, and some 5 man ganking squads. Got many 1vs1 actions. About numbers of player, my addon showing 265 pages of auctions in ah on bloodfang and 385 pages on ZT , so you can say that Horde here has 2/3 playerbase of ZT Horde.

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I moved over as Alliance and am really enjoying it, and the Horde still outnumber the Alliance so I’m guessing you’ll also have plenty of people to group and raid with if you move over. It’s certainly not a dead server or anything close to it.

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Much more balanced and much less toxic than ZT. You would expect the playerbase to be mature on a RPpvp realm, but it is unfortunately not really the case. The faction imbalance on ZT is a product of it being the only alliance dominated pvp realm, which attracts a lot of tryhards, who in turn relish in the actions you describe.

This server is not having high pop, but there are enough solid folks for any activity around. I dont think you will regret the transfer…


This realm is great population wise. Alot more horde than alliance though. Certainly not faction balanced. Id say 65-35 horde/alliance.

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