Bit of fun - What CLASS would best fit what RP Realm

So I was just looking over all the RP realm names and I began to wonder if each realm had a particular class that suits it.

For example.
Argent Dawn… Paladin?
Ravenholdt… Rogues?

Here are the RP Realms, but add your realm too -

Darkmoon Faire -
Moonglade -
The Sha’tar -
Steamwheedle Cartel -
Earthen Ring -
Scarshield Legion -
Ravenholdt -
The Venture Co -
Sporeggar -
Defias Brotherhood -

Darkmoon Faire- Shadowpriest
Moonglade- Druid
The Sha’tar- Priest
Steamwheedle Cartel- Rogue
Earthen Ring- Shaman
Scarhield legion- Hunter
Ravenholdt- Rogue
The Venture Co- Rogue (idk)
Sporeggar- Shaman/druid
Defias Brotherhood- Rogue

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