Black blood elves


I would like to know where are from black skin tone blood elves.

I play WoW since 2005 and i absolutely never seen any black high or blood elves.

It wasnt hard in the past to add that kind of skin tone but it never been.

I already logged during bc wotlk and bc/wotlk classic = no black blood elves guards in Silvermoon or no other npc.

“It’s not written that there is no black blood elves”

Maybe … maybe not but its also not written that Pikachu is not the God of Night Elves.

So why there is actualy in retail black blood elves everywhere in Silvermoon, in Valdrakken (mage tourists)

Is that another woke trick to ruin the lore and trying to brain wash player to make them believe “aw there was always black blood elves by past, you never saw them?” or something else or is there any lore about all of that?

I m sorry but create a full clan of black elves with nice lore is abolutely not a problem, why not. Maybe it will be a good idea in fact

But i m sorry High elves, blood and void elves are not black in any dimension.

Can someone explain to me? Politely without any racism of course.


They are from Thrall Twillight of Aspects from an alternative dark Timeline.
But the actually canon answer is:
“Blizzard want Black Elves for Political Reasons Equality and makes an equally dark dump on the fact that it makes no sense given the Sunwell.”


For resume : another woke attack on the lore


There’s no real explanation for them beyond blatant pandering and you should not feel ashamed or ‘racist’ for pushing back against forced inclusion.

I would point to the Redguards of Elder Scrolls as an example of diversity done well in a fantasy game because they are their own distinct culture with their own unique architecture. It also means that other playable races such as Nords, Altmer and Bretons are also their own unique established races with consistent skin tones, cultural elements and architecture.

Randomly darkening the skin of NPC’s is a trend designed as performative point scoring as seen in an increasing amount of games, along with the unsettling trend of removing references to men and women.

It’s nonsensical and does not even cater to what many minorities - myself included - even desire in a video game. Unfortunately our opinions are never acknowledged by the grifters who push for this to happen and we will often be outright silenced and banned if we point out that we are wise to the trickery at play.