Black Empire Question : How did Azeroth survive ?


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Something is bothering me, and I don’t find any answer to my question.
I wish you some of you will be able to provide me with an answer :slight_smile:

Before the Titans arrived, there was the Black Empire, the Old Gods ruled over the world, for a huge amount of time …

If there only goal is to corrupt Azeroth, how did she survive knowing full Old Gods were on top of her ?

The only explanation I have would be that Old gods were fighting each other in order to be the only one to get to Azeroth.

But still … am not convinced. There was no titan deviced, no factions … How did she survived ? And what about now that she is obviously weakened, N’zoth will get to her easily right ?

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Well yeah that’s basically it. The Old Gods fought eachother. I believe Xal also states this.

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Azeroth is a shell. A womb so to say. The Titan Soul was not really developed at that point (Azeroth is young world) and the Old gods may not have reached/discovered her yet and hence not corrupted. Either as suggested the Old gods fought over who gets her if they knew about her or they simply found out AFTER the titans showed up.

And yes, shes weakened now. Whether N’Zoth wants to corrupt her or has other plans is up for debate. I still hope he sides with us against the void lords in a Neutral Evil sort of way and with his schemed instead of him going Chaotic Evil like all the other old gods.


Basically the old gods are intelligent parasites. The black empire was the infection to Azeroths body, it covered much of the surface. Still Azeroth was very young back then and what they needed was a grown corrupted Titan to open a doorway for their overlords (the Voidlords). So basically they were sitting there, infesting the body and waiting for the planet to mature.
Meanwhile they were fighting over who gets to corrupt the planetsoul itself.

Luckily the titans arrived before they could cause any non repairable damage to the “core”. This had happened to another world somewhere in the great dark beyong, the one that Sargeras destroyed in order to prevent a dark titan from rising.


^ That. The Black Empire and the corruption upon Azeroth was a physical manifestation of the Old God malaise. But Azeroth’s soul was, for all intents and purposes, as yet uncorrupted. This is for several reasons, but the primary ones being-

  • The parasites (Old Gods) fought among each other, the idea being the strongest will remain and corrupt the host.

  • Azeroth is said to have the potential to be the strongest Titan ever. Full stop. It is not easy to corrupt a Titan-soul to begin with, let alone one with such potential.

  • The Titans showed up before point 1 & 2 could be completed and stomped them.

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Theres always the option that Old Gods simply were not big enough to reach Azeroths soul yet. Sure, they may have been mountain sized from our perspective, but if Azeroth is anything in size like the Earth, then even the largest mountains are just tiny pimples on its surface.


I could be talking BS here but I believe the the Old Gods were actively trying to break into the Titan’s soul for a long time but the Titan was resisting.

I have read/heard somewhere (so take this with a grain of salt) that they eventually changed their approach to instead corrupt the Emerald Dream in order to corrupt the Titan’s mind as they were connected to each other.

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Emerald dream was corrupted long after the imprisonment of the old gods. We have no actual information on what they were doing during the times of the black empire (in corrupting the worldsoul that is). There is also no information to show that emerald dream is somhow connected to the mind of Azeroth.


wasnt the emerald dream created buy Eonar or something like that, like a gateway to the greeen dragonflight to be able to guard Azeroth and communicate whit the titans.

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