Black Lotus botter/boxer in Silithus (Horde)


(Help from Alliance in Silithus would be appreciated here)

Before Blizzard’s Black Lotus patch, BL were spawned in at 10 specific spawns and were very highly contested and to some extent PvP-eable. After the update, however, “botting” Black Lotus in Silithus has been made easier, as many of the new spawns are “safe spawns” where you can put bots which camp the spawns.

Currently at Gandling Horde side, there is one person which is using 9+ accounts with bots to camp Black Lotus spawns in Silithus. As of currently, this person is using these “bots” entire days now, both day and night time, and is currently more or less controlling Black Lotus spawns.

I will provide some examples with screenshots in this post. Alliance, feel free to locate these bots and PvP them if you have some time.

This botter is using 9+ characters to camp Black Lotus spawns. He is using an addon, which sends a ping as soon as Black Lotus spawns on any of these accounts’ mini-maps. He has hidden away these bots at many of the new “safe spawns” so that people will not find his characters. Several of his characters are druids and a rogue, which are put in stealth mode at the spawn locations.

First off, the accounts used are:

  • Coober (Main account, lvl 60 druid used for roaming un-safe spawn points).
  • Fzy, lvl 52 druid (invisible at spawn point)
  • Hzy, lvl 52 druid (invisible at spawn point)
  • Tzy, lvl 52 shaman (behind tower at Staghelm Point)
  • Pzy, lvl 52 warrior (Upon the Hermit’s Cave)
  • Redg lvl 52 warrior (Behind AQ gates)
  • Visionary, lvl 60 hunter (Upon the SE Hive)
  • Jakon, lvl 60 warlock
  • Rzaburning, lvl 60 mage

This is a screenshot of the accounts:

Now, I will provide some screenshots of the bots:

  • Tzy, lvl 52 shaman, positioned at Staghelm point ´´.
  • Pzy, lvl 52 warrior, positioned upon the Hermit’s Cave ´´, near South-East Hive.
  • Visionary, lvl 60 hunter, positioned upon the South-East Hive ´´.
  • Redg, lvl 52 warrior, positioned behind spawn point at AQ Gates ´´.

There is also another bot hidden at the second spawn point in South-East Hive.

All of these characters are online as I write this.

Any help from Alliance to PvP these bots would be appreciated.


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