Black PLAIN cloak?!



As title says. Is there a black cloak ingame that are plain? No marks no other colors? Pretty much like the Tuxedo pants:

My mog brain is going insane! :smiley:

(Hroardane) #2

Hey Elythel! There doesn’t seem to be any, at this time - usually cloaks have either a pattern or some other kind of color combination.

This page should be of some help, though! A few of the designs are fairly dark and plain :slight_smile:

(Zburatoru) #3

This one maybe ?


not plain black but u can cover it with hair

(Hroardane) #5

Clever! A few pairings of hair styles and colors seem to cover the bright spot of the cape almost entirely, indeed :smile:

(Rhunok) #6


Maybe this cloak could be something for you: [Parrotfeather Cloak]
drops from [Skycap’n Kragg] in Freehold.


Sorry for the late reply. Im sitting with my exam essay so been occupied.
Thanks alot for all the tips! Im gonna look it up closer and see if I can mog it the way I want!


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