Black Temple Temporarily Unavailable

In order to address issues impacting the game service, we’ve temporarily closed Black Temple.

We intend to deploy fixes for it and then re-open the instance during scheduled weekly maintenance (early on 7 June in this region).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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In order to address wow tokens tanking in price because it’s still cheaper to buy gold, we’ve decided to do something about bots.


Fixed that for you.


123321how do you do

123 asdaasddadaada

beep boop beep
Pls open Black Temple
Me wanna bot again
beep boop beep

Are you also gonna address bots doing the exact same farm but with Botanica and Tempest keep mobs?

plx buy gold kthx

It’s good that you closed the bots in Tempest Keep and Black Temple, but you need to look at Zul’aman. Don’t thank

How about doing something that doesn’t impact LEGIT players trying to either get glaives or farm some gear for the inevitable time of transmog being in the game.
Oh, can’t do that, that requires a few people to actually work and hey, cheaper not having to pay those.

You only care now that the token is in because it impacts your profits.
Pathetic, truly.

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What was the actual change? Im trying to farm with my Warrior in there but something is different…

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