Blacksmith weekly gather quests


I noticed I don’t always get a weekly gather quest with Blacksmith.
For example last week I got A-Sword-ed Needs, but this week next to the Crafting Order station, there are no quests available.

I was wondering is there supposed to be a weekly quest there every week or is it on a different schedule?
Does anyone else have the same happening?


I have had this happen to me on other professions at lvl 70 when a zone is not unlocked .
Sometimes the quests send you to say zaralek caverns , but if you have not yet completed the introduction quest , you get no quest .
This also happens on low level characters frequently , because they by definition are too low level to go these lvl 70 zone .
Solution is to level to 70 and unlock all zones.

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I’m so dumb, that was the issue. I never started the ZC quest on any char so I didn’t know there were quests there for professions. I should have guessed when it sent me to Emerald Dream the week before.

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