Blades of the fallen prince usable two handed

I really love the blades of the fallen prince and wish they’d be transmoggable as a single blade for two handed.
Please consider adding this, Blizzard! :smiley:


if you want a two-hander blood and unholy is waiting for you - Ion the inept

I doubt blizzard will go back and resize the blades just because some people insist on playing frost as another bland two hander spec

You can use the 2 handed sword and change it with transmog you’ll just be duel wielding. I dont know if this changes anything in combat tho

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Thanks for the replies, guys!
I actually believe their model is all right, no need for resizing ( at least on a human or void elf ).
Yes, you truly can transmog them over a two handed weapon, but dual wielding is not what I want. :frowning: I want to have a single blade as a two hander ( really love the one you get initially as the artifact weapon ).

They do look lovely don’t they? Literally the only reason I mained frost over UH during Legion.

I think the main problem is always going to be Blizzard not allowing 2H weapons to be tmogged into 1H and vice versa.

Who knows, since they’re adding all these old armors and tints back in the game, maybe they’ll add 2H versions of them one day (wisfhul thinking though me thinks). I vaguelly remember the sizes varying quite a bit though. The bony sindragosa themed one was significantly shorter than the one from the Mage Tower. I can’t see the former being used as a 2H without a resize of sorts.

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Sorry for taking so long to reply.

I’m really glad I found someone else that likes them as much as I do!
I remain hopeful that they will be relaxing some restrictions so that we’ll be able to customize our character’s looks more freely. There is already a model of at least one single handed sword that is used as a two hander, I think there’s an axe as well. :smiley:

I’m not a fan of big weapons, really, and I think that the frost dk blades’ size fits perfectly ( again, for human and belf/void elf ) as a two handed weapon.
True, the sindragosa themed skin really surprised me when I saw that it was quite smaller than the rest… while the one from the mage tower seems a little big even as a two hander for me. xD

Hope you all have a lovely evening!

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so reforge blade will be frostmauren again 2 handed look like frosmouren get shadowmauren

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Never going to happen dork knight the blades of the fallen prince are iconic now they won’t change just because you want to wield the compensator 9000 your not arthas you will never be arthas and frostmourne will never be yours

what next are you going to ask for the poor man’s armor and maybe steal his horse too …

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I mean… Eeeeerm… Yes? :rofl: kind of quit after the 35362736th icc run though. Would absolutely love if they recreate the scourgeplate armor set with their modern touch (like the ToS sets)

Blades of the fallen Prince fan club, population, 2. :sunglasses:

Yeah blizz always for the 1H weapons look like 2H, and 2H weapons look like colossal unergonomic battery rams kind of approach.

Funnily enough some of the most saught after weapons are often more sensibly sized, yet amazingly designed (gorehowl for example)

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I honestly believe that’s never gonna happen. :frowning:
Frostmourne is this universe’s most iconic weapon. It’s been there at a very important and defining point for warcraft.
Even though there are other weapons of renown such as Ashbringer, Doomhammer etc., they are nothing compared to the enduring legacy of Frostmourne.
That, though, is just my opinion regarding why it will never be in the hands of players ever.

I’m new to the forums and don’t know exactly how to mention everybody in a post :smiley:

LOL at Compensator 9000, Lutia!
To be fair we’re looting everything left and right, but I agree, I don’t think we’re getting the Compensator any time soon. :smiley:

SCOURGEPLATE! Yeeeees! I was just admiring a few months ago a drawing of the Scourgeplate armor and was thinking how cool it would be if it got updated. Sadly I can’t link it, but this is what you can add to the pinterest website url to see the pic: pin/808959151789112383/

Unergonomic battery rams :rofl:
I’m constantly sighing when checking out weapons ( 1h or 2h ) and see their ridiculous sizes… and then I try to compare them to the size of my character and just wonder how anyone could wield that thing… soon we’ll be hitting mobs with trucks that can be seen from outer space.
Jokes aside… I don’t mean to insult anyone that likes the big size of weapons, but I would really like it if we could adjust the size however we’d like it.

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Frostmourne hungers!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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I don’t think there’s a tagging function (not that I know of at least), the easiest thing to do is to highlight a bit of text and click on quote, this way the user will get notified!

That’s an awesome pic, haven’t seen it in years. It’s such an iconic armour set, really captures blizzard’s death knights. Do you like the brand new tier set that has just been announced for 10.1?

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Wow! Thanks for teaching me how to quote, man!! :smiley:
I think so, too! That set, imo, illustrates the og death knight image/philosophy of dark powerful beings. It’s not too over the top like some other sets are, it’s just the right amount of everything.

About the new tier set…I really like it. I think it’s due to the fact that it looks crisp, high resolution and captures the dark knight kind of vibe.
It’s just that… the shoulders and the head have these spikes that, for me, kind of ruin it… I wish we could have a modular system in which we’d remove parts of what we dislike from a piece ( that’s a really huge request, I’m aware :frowning: )
How do you like it? :smiley:

Oh, and, did you see the Outdoor Dragon Themed Armor Set (checked wowhead to see the name xD ) ? I think I can ignore the spikes on the new dk set, but this one kind of baffles me. I absolutely love it until I hit the shoulders. It’s just SpikeTown on those shoulders.

I’m really relieved, though, that blizzard is heading towards high resolution and actual 3d armor, at last… the painted armor has long overstayed it’s welcome.

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My pleasure! :smiley:

I think it’s simple but gets the job done. I like the fact that it has this darker silver tone to it that very much like you said gives the dark knight vibe. Could be more “deathy” as opposed to “dark” but will have to do for now. Huge improvements from the last couple of tiers either way, thinking back to sad skeleton horns from sepulcher and death crystal bunny from the latest one. Overall maybe a 7/10, will definitely be blending items from it on tmogs.

They used to make it so the mythic tier genuinely had something more as opposed to just a tint and an effect. The fact that they’re paying more attention to 3d textures like you pointed out makes everything look more crisp and tidy! Hence why I really want to see Scourgeplate get a revamp! :face_holding_back_tears: Same applies to that classic paladin set, Judgement… Those open robes would look absolutely perfect for this!

Yeah I’m 50/50 on it as well for the same reason, don’t think I dig the helmet neither. Very thematic otherwise. I can totally picture many ways of using some of those pieces in tmog sets.

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LOL! Crystal bunny. Yepp, was pretty disappointed when I first laid my eyes on that set. Like what in the world… why… what is it for… does it have anything at all to do with death knights?

At least the new one seems to be heading in the right direction. Makes me actually wonder how the next one will be… haven’t been interested in set pieces in quite a long while. :smiley:

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