Bladestorm cancel macro solutions (it doesnt work anymore?)

So I logged into retail to play first time really since Dragonflight released, notice my Bladestorm /cancelaura macro doesn’t work. I do a little bit of research to discover it’s linked with the Hurricane talent, some people suggestion Hurricane cancelaura macro.

So I’ve altered my old Charge/Cancel macro as such

#showtooltip Charge
/cancelaura Hurricane
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast [harm,nodead] Charge
/cast [help,nodead] Intervene

It just doesn’t work, I’m trapped in a Bladestorm constantly and back in Shadowlands I would use my Tormented Kings Legendary, proc a Bladestorm for 1 GCD and then cancel it for a higher priority single target attack. Or if I needed to charge to a target, cancel.

Not being able to do this is really horrible, so do any of you Dragonflight regulars have a fix for me?

Cant cancel it with hurricane talented. Rly annoying.

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