Blatant trolling going on in SoD forums

So can we please pay attention from the CS/GM/Forum team to actually do something against people who break the ToS/CoC?
Seriously this is not even hilarious, it is just annoying to deal with consistent trolls which aren’t being dealt with.
I’ve reported the troll numerous times and there’s nothing done at all, still posting the same troll message etc.

If nothing is being done, that would be for two reasons, either Blizzard have not gotten around to looking at it or the posts are not breaking the rules, which are a bit slacker outside of the Customer Support forum.

more likely that they do not know their CoC/ToS and try to enforce it anyways which backfires in not dealing with the trolls.

It’s the weekend, flag the posts that you feel break the rules of the forum and wait for moderation to deal with it on Monday.


its literally never getting solved XD, its the sad state of the forums

The last time I reported a post that got banned it took almost a week. I have reported a few since and they are still there.

Hey all,

The moderation team will usually take action on reported posts or threads, when they are reported. Please note that while the team can’t follow all the posts and messages on the different sections of the forums 24/7, it will intervene as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help in reporting inappropriate or toxic behaviours, and thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: