Blizz and their Dragonflight Death Knight ideas

In early DF builds all DKs had access to both types of rune regeneration.

Than they changed it to go back as on live with Unholy having Runic Corruption and Frost having Runic Empowerment (the better choice if you ask me).

They talk about of reworking the resource generation to balance the idle time, while they forced Unholy back to Runic Corruption after they decreased the Runic Power consumed by Death Coil.

The % regen proc chance was different between RE and RC because Unholy had more expensive skills runic power wise.

DKs still have RNG in the resouce generation. How is that still a thing? The Virulent Plague was nerfed, sorry changed to not stress the servers with RNG. Why is the rune regeneration still based on RNG?

Now, after all ther thinking and “balancing”, Unholy got out with the short stick in terms of rune regeneration.

It’s still bad for both becasue of the RNG, but now whorse for Unholy.


They could also implement something with rune strike, that gives back half a rune when striking an enemy with a small cd on it.

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People with early beta access, as usual, did not pay attention to the most important matters for us and did not read carefully and understanding what the developer was saying.
Just browse the forum in a topic created for DK. The developer mentioned the reduction of RNG - did any of the beta testers call them by name, precisely what should be changed and best how should it work? No, and the opinion left is often general.

So from the kitchen there was no emphasis from players on certain aspects, and instead there was, for example, a long roll on the topic of gargoyle and its damage - where let’s be honest - it is really a matter of balance, which is now to continue as announced by the developers.
Festering Strike worked as it worked - meaning our worst RNG is still with us, and so are the RNG talents (and even more than in SL).
Runes still don’t regenerate from the first one, but from the last one, which is absurd. Why don’t Runes consumed for FS start generating right after being used only after the last Scourge Strike? After all, this is a shy joke.
Until this is fixed and runs as normal logic dictates, the change to used cost for DC and its free slingshots is art for the arts.

for the sake of clarity - I like rng talents, but they have to make sense and, above all, work, i.e. improve something, otherwise they simply don’t add anything to your character.


I’m 100% sure now that nobody plays Unholy DK.
Who the hell tested and came to the conclusion that Unholy should be unplayable?

Even to this day I don’t understand why Frost Fever deals almost double the damage of Virulent Plague (with Superstain and no mastery bonus, Frost Fever deals more damage than Virlent Plague ).
I do understand, but does Blizz know they took out ( in BFA) the part that balanced it?

I don’t like Frost, I don’t play Frost … they used to explain their thought process, even if the explanations were dumb.

Who does tuning like this?

Let’s say feedback came that Frost was weak compared to Unholy.
Why do you super buff Frost and at the same time destroy Unholy?
Who in their right mind does that? How can you follow that with further action? What direction do you take for balancing?
If one is too strong or too weak compared to another, first modify the target in the needed direction and then wait to compare it again. That’s how you know in what direction to take further actions.

I don’t know why I keep coming back to this game.
I’m not really competitive, but I want to play the endgame.
Because I play alone, I think that if Unholy stays like this on release, I will not be able to do any endgame content (I already don’t do raids).
The moment the party leader (that listed the room) sees that I play Unholy, I will be asked politelly if I can play Frost or just be kicked out.

This started so well with devs that were talking about fixing the DK’s issues.
Unholy is still full of RNG and now they cut down the damage too.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


•festering strike 3 woods instead for 2-3
to keep rotation better and less random
•Gargoil in modern wow at least 2min cd. 3mis way long cd.
•Alot of button in open maybe help dark transormation out of gcd. Or reduces the time gcd like rogues for unholy.
• talent army of the damned Is hiding from the talend army of the dead which is not working in pvp so we pick up useless talent… Plz fix this. give us path
•necrotic wood pvp talent 4 stacks instead of 6. When there is no apocalypse build feels way to slow to stacks.
In general dragonflight i hope dks will have some love this time.


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